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My blog is back up, but sadly it's no longer served up from the VAX. On the plus side, my basement is so much quieter, and my electric bill should be about $30 lower.

Had to shutdown my VAX 4000/200 today. Something is causing the fans to run a full speed constantly, which is loud as hell...

Episode 32 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! If you enjoy dialog during meals and awkward moments, then this episode is for you!

My 8 desktop is becoming harder and harder to work with. Python on this machine has a "pip" that no longer works...

Episode 31 of the Jeff Reads His Book is posted! Henry and Margaux, two of our heroes in Offworlder, do absolutely nothing of note in this chapter. I still manage to produce discussion questions!

Episode 30 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Listen in as I read chapter 8 of Offworlder, a book I wrote in a month, and drink some delicious whiskey!

This week's notes for the Jeff Reads His Book . You know you're excited!

Episode 26 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! I slowly manage to actually read chapter 4 of Offworlder, a book I wrote in a month. I review a giant backlog of answers to earlier discussion questions. Henry shows off some magic skills in a not-so-impressive display. I find myself clearly disappointed by yet another chapter before creating some discussion questions. Listen today!

This marks the first time I have ever made it to Oregon. Freakin' Laura kept breaking her arm, but she survived.

Episode 24 of the Jeff Reads His Book was just posted! I read Chapter 2 of Offworlder, a book I wrote in a month, from a tablet because Amazon can't get their freakin' act together. Enjoy some terrible writing and discussion questions today!

I have to power down my VAX to record my podcast because it's so loud...

Episode 23 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! We're starting a new book, Offworlder, which begins with some exciting employment forms! Discussion questions are included as always!

Updating my blog now on my DEC Rainbow. The static site generator usually takes an hour or so... If you have some free time, you too can use GW-BASIC to run your blog:

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