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This marks the first time I have ever made it to Oregon. Freakin' Laura kept breaking her arm, but she survived.

Episode 24 of the Jeff Reads His Book was just posted! I read Chapter 2 of Offworlder, a book I wrote in a month, from a tablet because Amazon can't get their freakin' act together. Enjoy some terrible writing and discussion questions today!

I have to power down my VAX to record my podcast because it's so loud...

Episode 23 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! We're starting a new book, Offworlder, which begins with some exciting employment forms! Discussion questions are included as always!

Updating my blog now on my DEC Rainbow. The static site generator usually takes an hour or so... If you have some free time, you too can use GW-BASIC to run your blog:

Today's goal from Solaun for Jamaica made my week

Wow... installed on the ! I'll have to play around with it once cleanup is done...

An Ubuntu 18.04 software update just left my laptop unbootable. Does Ubuntu even test updates?

Trying to fix now... I hate computers...

Who here on SDF mentioned ? I've got it running on a laptop now (with a 8 daily build kernel), and it's a delight!

My 4000 system is clocking in literally 800 times slower than a Core 2 Duo laptop for sysbench's CPU benchmark. Ouch...

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