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I asked my VAX 4000/200 to extract a 60MB tar.gz file. We're now in hour 6 of that operation...

Found out last night that my proposal was accepted! I just have to figure out the best way to carry a VAX around a conference...

Early '90s RCA Victor ad parody with my cat? (Taken 2 minutes ago, though)

What I do miss is my BlackBerry Q5! That device and its paired desktop software let me send texts/emails/files from my desktop seamlessly and reliably.

Just removed KDE Connect from my laptop and phone... I don't really understand the hype because it's so unreliable and buggy (and infuriating). Am I missing something?

Switched by tiny, underpowered laptop to Kubuntu 18.04 from Xubuntu. Pleasantly surprised so far.

Ever want to pay way more for a conference pass _and_ be listed in the program? Now you can!

What an odd concept...

Every time I have to build a package that uses , I run into countless problems. How is this better at all?

A very special season finale of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! I provide my guest with some disappointing answers concerning plot points in Bringing Balance, and we both run out of beer during trivia!

Episode 19 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Listen as I read another exciting chapter of Bringing Balance, a book I wrote in a month. This episode features family drama that turns ugly fast by way of a bookend.

Chromium from host Raspbian running through X/GEM on the ARAnyM VM.

Episode 18 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in for a big reveal, whisky sipping, and all the magical fighting you'd expect from a poorly written fantasy novel!

Episode 17 of the Jeff Reads His Book was just posted! Listen in as we follow our heroes through a door marked "No Admittance," and I overindulge in whiskey.

My new game, Bounce!, is now available for Rainbow 100 users everywhere! Available via direct download or BitTorrent at:

Episode 16 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out for your listening pleasure! Listen in as drink my way through another chapter of a book I wrote in a month. This week features a fake, magical catastrophe!

Did the documentation somehow become worse in the last 6 months? I feel like they've removed so much of it...

Packaging commercial software for Linux is so much worse than for Windows or macOS. It's absolutely miserable.

Posted another screenshot of Bounce! for the DEC Rainbow 100! Not sure why I haven't posted the game yet... Seems to be done...

Just posted episode 15 of the Jeff Reads His Book ! I finally have a guest, my delightful wife, helping me read through this catastrophe. Aside from bitching about brunch, we laugh quite a bit at typos in chapter 15.

If you're doing , best of luck! You too can end up with a delightful story like this!

Just had to log into the core bug tracker to remove myself from a bug I submitted in 2014. There's movement on it now, and it only took 4 years 9 months!

These comically long delays are why I don't bother with contributing to ...

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