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Jeff Armstrong

Episode 2 of Jeff Reads His Book is out, and I am just terrible at reading out loud... Maybe it was the vodka.

My first podcast episode is available, and it's as bad as the book it's based on!

@Ricardus "sketchy" doesn't even begin to describe it. However, it wasn't as if Senegal cheated. It was entirely the fault of the referee.

@xmanmonk It is definitely a brick-out thing!

Two new screenshots of my upcoming game for Rainbow 100 computers! I've been debugging messy timer bugs, and I added some more difficult, random play modes.

I thought drag and drop was bad in the Win32 API. Then I tried implementing drag and drop in GTK+...

Lightning talks are always my favorite part of PyCon

@Ricardus who lets their "kids" watch SNL? I had a pretty good idea what sex was when I started watching that show...

@failtime I thought Dropbox was bad at startup on Windows, but then I installed Nextcloud...

literally doesn't work. At all. Try updating a package. Go on, I dare you...

@art What does Tusky have that I'm missing? I rather like Twidere, but I'm not all in.

One of my build slaves is indeed a Raspberry Pi 3. The build, when it works, takes about 29 hours.

My build server has been failing for months due to build system environment variable changes... Oops! Should be running again:

I just ordered a Svenja Huth jersey from Turbine Potsdam in Germany... I am way too excited about a shirt.

@solderpunk I actually use Lua for work because it is so simple to embed in a C project (unlike Python, which is a nightmare to embed, BTW). I fell in love with the simple language rather fast with its tables and text patterns. I find it delightful!

Set up a Nextcloud instance to sync pictures from my LineageOS phone to somewhere else. Major pain in the ass!