Chromium from host Raspbian running through X/GEM on the ARAnyM VM.

Episode 18 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in for a big reveal, whisky sipping, and all the magical fighting you'd expect from a poorly written fantasy novel!

Episode 17 of the Jeff Reads His Book was just posted! Listen in as we follow our heroes through a door marked "No Admittance," and I overindulge in whiskey.

My new game, Bounce!, is now available for Rainbow 100 users everywhere! Available via direct download or BitTorrent at:

Episode 16 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out for your listening pleasure! Listen in as drink my way through another chapter of a book I wrote in a month. This week features a fake, magical catastrophe!

Did the documentation somehow become worse in the last 6 months? I feel like they've removed so much of it...

Packaging commercial software for Linux is so much worse than for Windows or macOS. It's absolutely miserable.

Posted another screenshot of Bounce! for the DEC Rainbow 100! Not sure why I haven't posted the game yet... Seems to be done...

Just posted episode 15 of the Jeff Reads His Book ! I finally have a guest, my delightful wife, helping me read through this catastrophe. Aside from bitching about brunch, we laugh quite a bit at typos in chapter 15.

If you're doing , best of luck! You too can end up with a delightful story like this!

@art If use the gmail web interface, try adding "" to your adblocker. Makes the email service at least manageable.

My adblocker shows about 10k blocked requests keeping a gmail tab open for a day...

@introvertedwife 46K by the 13th!?! You are flying!

I sat out this year, but good luck to you! Not that you'll need it to hit 50K...

Just had to log into the core bug tracker to remove myself from a bug I submitted in 2014. There's movement on it now, and it only took 4 years 9 months!

These comically long delays are why I don't bother with contributing to ...

@maiki I grew up with, and still use, MS-DOS. There simply wasn't and isn't a portable way to multitask in MS-DOS. It's mildly liberating. Programming? Shell to build is possible, but you're not "chatting" while the compiler works. You're upstairs, getting another glass of bourbon...

This happened yesterday, by the way.

I only mention the Jeff Reads His Book on because I am in love with this platform.

Episode 14 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in as I read chapter 14 of Bringing Balance, a book I wrote in a month and brag about big words! This chapter features... stew!!!

Just started my migration from Google to for my business's email provider. I think I probably waited far too long...

Tried to update a single package on and... everything is broken. I truly regret using pkgsrc in production.

Episode 13 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Listen in as our heroes visit a friend's house for some magical pancakes and I rave about Wild Turkey American Honey!

@xmanmonk But I only test on actual hardware, of course. No interest in MAME's DEC Rainbow support here whatsoever...

@xmanmonk The only Rainbow 100 emulator that supports graphics is in MAME, and it's a catastrophe. But the system check should work since MAME is using actual ROMs (if you can even find them).

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