Episode 55 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Listen in as I badmouth my email provider and Margaux lashes out at the help!


@jaypatelani maybe... is long-gone at this point, so I’ll never solve that mystery.

Episode 54 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in as our heroes enjoy dinner in a tent with surprising chairs and I try to keep my voice down for the sake of my marriage!


@W10x12_UNO you take care for now, and keep posting. I gotta run and make lunch.

@W10x12_UNO yuck! I've previously worked for some real shit companies, and I can't imagine how bad they'd be in this situation. I'm lucky these days to work for myself, but I sympathize.

One of my last jobs laid off my friend because she was pregnant. Not even exaggerating. She sued.

@W10x12_UNO ooof, that's rough. Hate when companies pull that shit. Not a great way to inspire your workers...

@W10x12_UNO hard times for lots of people right now... I was kinda freaking out Sunday night myself. Got anything to take your mind off reality? I've been binging stupid podcasts myself.

The Sharp NetWalker at work (this thing: w.atwiki.jp/linuxdevel/pages/2).

It's slow as hell but it still run most ot software that I need.

I connected a tiny non-powered USB 2 hub to it (a 4-port TRUS thing) to connect both mouse and an USB ehernet adapter to the device. And it works (not exactly reliably but it works).

Made sure today that this nonsense game Worm also still builds for PC GEM. Success!

BTW my / PC GEM source is actually available online now:


It is comprised entirely of filthy, hacky C. Be kind...

Fixed some massive redraw issues with Worm for GEM (and PC-GEM, actually...). GEM redrawing is a freaking nightmare, but I actually ended up missing a pretty important point about "dirty rectangles" in the documentation.

I never would have guessed this old laptop would run 10 so well!

@publius regression on i915 Intel video driver of some sort. Who care at this point, though?

After upgrading to 9 from 8 on my laptop, I no longer have X11 working. Backing up now before wiping everything and switching to a more sensible OS.

I always want to like , but it always disappoints. I don't have the patience for this nonsense.

@zwangseinweisung the little game is GPLv3, so you can do most anything you'd like with it. Current source code isn't available anywhere yet, though.

@zwangseinweisung it just compiled fine with AHCC 3.b3 (what's installed on my machine at the moment), and it runs fine. So yes, it is AHCC compatible.

@zwangseinweisung it's probably AHCC-compatible. I had been using Pure C ages ago, but I've updated it to use GCC and a modern GemLib while remaining compatible with Pure C and (maybe, I don't recall...) Turbo C for x86 GEM.

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