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Jeff Armstrong

Trying to debug mouse support on Bounce! on the Rainbow...

On day 2 of a Win32 API anti-flicker quest. Just noticed a missing WS_CLIPCHILDREN.

@dervishe I use it on my TT030 just because I want it to feel/work like an Atari still, but I also want multitasking.

@dervishe always wanted a Milan, though I think I'd stick with MiNT on it.

Finally got BMP screenshots working on my game for the Rainbow 100! Bad indexing, incorrect bit ordering, memory overruns... all fixed!

I've had a week of crashes all caused by memset being passed a struct instead of a pointer to said struct...

I was able to get the Bounce! website up prior to actually finishing the game (or capturing screenshots...) -

@cy I'm on a Rainbow 100 personal computer. A VT100 should be just as capable, of course.

@cy umlauts are not a problem: Compose Character + vowel + colon.

@cy Eh, I take that back. I can't figure out a ß...

@cy for reference an LK201 from a bit further away. I can generate most every character appearing in the German alphabet to my knowledge. Never knew German keyboards were so compatible.

@cy No kidding? I think I would prefer this layout if I wasn't so used to the US_en layout. I'm a bit jealous.

My Q5 has landed on my basement floor so many times without a scratch. I would buy a car made out of this Canadian plastic.

I'm pretty sure Digital predicted the rise of HTML when they designed the LK201 keyboard... < to open, Shift+< to close.

Coding up the high scores feature for Bounce! in SEDT, my favorite editor, on the Rainbow