Episode 39 of the Jeff Reads His Book was released yesterday! Listen in to a relatively dull chapter broken up by my usual nonsensical ranting!


My current desktop featuring Tool Time miniatures and a sweet desktop sticker. VAX 4000 in the background.

I ordered my second Unicomp keyboard today. Can't wait to get clicky on my new Windows desktop!

Episode 38 of the Jeff Reads His Book was released yesterday! Listen in as Margaux giggles at her newfound attraction and I explain why Brian sucks.


My mini lately has been entirely unresponsive every morning... I'm not exactly sure what's happening, but I think it's some sort of dev tools update.

@salixlucida "plus special tax relief for shoppers who pay by a special mobile app created by the national government"

that sounds really creepy/bad.

Episode 33 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Feel the tension as one of our love-struck heroes fails to ask out another (so exciting...)! Another magic-free episode of a podcast that combines fantasy and staff meetings!


My blog is back up, but sadly it's no longer served up from the VAX. On the plus side, my basement is so much quieter, and my electric bill should be about $30 lower.

Had to shutdown my VAX 4000/200 today. Something is causing the fans to run a full speed constantly, which is loud as hell...

@sir I appreciate the warning. I was thinking about one of these as my next machine, but I was truly concerned about support from a company as small as Raptor. Sounds much like what I expected.

Episode 32 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! If you enjoy dialog during meals and awkward moments, then this episode is for you!


@kot never upgraded because it works! Well, it did work...

No reason other than that, though.

My 8 desktop is becoming harder and harder to work with. Python on this machine has a "pip" that no longer works...

@ParadeGrotesque try Sublime Text sometime, in that case. I love it!

I don't know, though... Visual Studio Code doesn't "data process" my personally identifiable information like in your license agreement you posted...

@ParadeGrotesque I'm extremely biased as I write, maintain, and sell a Fortran IDE (which has some Python support, including not-so-great Python auto-suggestions).

I use Simply Fortran for almost everything (C, Lua, Python) (yes, I dog-food my product).

But I also love Visual Studio (on Windows) and Visual Studio Code. When I was a regular Java programmer, I adored Eclipse, though everyone told me I was wrong.

I've played with Wing for Python, and it's slick.

I do love Sublime, though.

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