My 4000 system is clocking in literally 800 times slower than a Core 2 Duo laptop for sysbench's CPU benchmark. Ouch...

@freakazoid @jba that viewpoint assumes there will only ever be IEEE-754 floating point math forever. I understand, but it is also just one more example of CPython not being portable.

This year is in my home town, and I'm not going. That's how annoyed I am with ...

You can't even install setuptools in without support for IEEE-754 floating point... WTF?

@fluffy @gewt My experience is that Python core devs are not remotely interested in platforms outside Windows/Mac/Linux (and barely interested in Windows).

I've been insulted on their bug tracker for not understanding C properly (I was reporting a Windows issue) and had bugs dismissed purely because they don't apply to the "Big 3" platforms.

Python is unportable due to lack of upstream cooperation. The core devs were laughed at on stage during PyCon 2017 for their handling of bugs.

I have 3.7 built on the finally after some manipulation of their tests.

The Python core devs, however, won't fix a bug that would make this simple and easy. The unwillingness of the core dev community to support platforms outside Win/Mac/Linux (or non-gcc/clang/vcc compilers) is one reason I want nothing to do with core Python contributions any longer.


You know who did fix this upstream? Perl devs... Perl works like a dream on a VAX.

@solene I prefer not to think about how many watts are being drawn. Less than 1000 is my best guess.

Perl from pkgsrc took about a week to build, so bash was nothing. @starbreaker no real point to doing any X11 stuff on it. This VAX doesn't have a framebuffer.

I'll be talking about this beast at in May.

@solene looks like it only took around 30 hours. There were probably one or two dependencies along the way, nothing major.

There literally isn't a responsive file manager left... Windows, macOS, the menagerie of Linux options... they're all laggy and terrible. I hate computers.

For the time being, I've moved my blog hosting off the Rainbow 100 and onto my VAX 4000 for funsies.

Now that's some computing power! Only two days to bootstrap pkgsrc!

@emilian it's a Digital VAX 4000/200, the fastest purely Qbus computer ever built! It's painfully slow...

Had to regenerate the blog to fix some typos, but it's ready again.

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