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Episode 23 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! We're starting a new book, Offworlder, which begins with some exciting employment forms! Discussion questions are included as always!

Wow... installed on the ! I'll have to play around with it once cleanup is done...

You can't even install setuptools in without support for IEEE-754 floating point... WTF?

I have 3.7 built on the finally after some manipulation of their tests.

The Python core devs, however, won't fix a bug that would make this simple and easy. The unwillingness of the core dev community to support platforms outside Win/Mac/Linux (or non-gcc/clang/vcc compilers) is one reason I want nothing to do with core Python contributions any longer.


You know who did fix this upstream? Perl devs... Perl works like a dream on a VAX.

Now that's some computing power! Only two days to bootstrap pkgsrc!

Had to regenerate the blog to fix some typos, but it's ready again.

Early '90s RCA Victor ad parody with my cat? (Taken 2 minutes ago, though)

A very special season finale of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! I provide my guest with some disappointing answers concerning plot points in Bringing Balance, and we both run out of beer during trivia!

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