This week's notes for the Jeff Reads His Book . You know you're excited!

Episode 26 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! I slowly manage to actually read chapter 4 of Offworlder, a book I wrote in a month. I review a giant backlog of answers to earlier discussion questions. Henry shows off some magic skills in a not-so-impressive display. I find myself clearly disappointed by yet another chapter before creating some discussion questions. Listen today!

This marks the first time I have ever made it to Oregon. Freakin' Laura kept breaking her arm, but she survived.

Episode 24 of the Jeff Reads His Book was just posted! I read Chapter 2 of Offworlder, a book I wrote in a month, from a tablet because Amazon can't get their freakin' act together. Enjoy some terrible writing and discussion questions today!

I have to power down my VAX to record my podcast because it's so loud...

Episode 23 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! We're starting a new book, Offworlder, which begins with some exciting employment forms! Discussion questions are included as always!

Wow... installed on the ! I'll have to play around with it once cleanup is done...

You can't even install setuptools in without support for IEEE-754 floating point... WTF?

I have 3.7 built on the finally after some manipulation of their tests.

The Python core devs, however, won't fix a bug that would make this simple and easy. The unwillingness of the core dev community to support platforms outside Win/Mac/Linux (or non-gcc/clang/vcc compilers) is one reason I want nothing to do with core Python contributions any longer.


You know who did fix this upstream? Perl devs... Perl works like a dream on a VAX.

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