Jeff Armstrong

Serial mouse seems to be working and moderately performant after fixing some mouse packet retrieval code. Soon all those Rainbow 100 users will have a Breakout clone!

@jba I think I have a Rainbow emulator somewhere on my machine. That'd be kinda cool.

@xmanmonk MAME has Rainbow 100 emulator, but I'm not sure it's particularly good yet. There's no other Rainbow emulator, though, that I've ever seen.

@jba I know that this is probably blasphemous, but I was thinking of the Sinclair Spectrum. In my defense, they both have rainbow-ish decorations. So... sorry.

@xmanmonk not blasphemous, just funny! And I think a Rainbow 100 is about 20 times larger (and more expensive) than a Spectrum.

@jba Not hard to do. In fact, I think the pint of Ben & Jerry's I bought last night is more expensive than the Spectrum :)

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