Spent a few minutes today fixing some weird GEM bugs in my old game "Worm." Had to update the About box too!

@jba i'm curious, is your source code ahcc compatible? maybe you can create a native coldfire version then

@zwangseinweisung it's probably AHCC-compatible. I had been using Pure C ages ago, but I've updated it to use GCC and a modern GemLib while remaining compatible with Pure C and (maybe, I don't recall...) Turbo C for x86 GEM.

@zwangseinweisung it just compiled fine with AHCC 3.b3 (what's installed on my machine at the moment), and it runs fine. So yes, it is AHCC compatible.

@jba wow! great! so, if you make a coldfire build (i have no knowledge about compilers and stuff, all i can do is: ./configure; make; make install) we (the atari coldfire project) can ship it with our mint distribution for the firebee :)

are you okay with it?

@zwangseinweisung the little game is GPLv3, so you can do most anything you'd like with it. Current source code isn't available anywhere yet, though.

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