Brought the ol' Atari TT030 back up after a long time away. Building Bash 5.0 finally after an initial snafu. The configure script took about 9 hours...

@jba Dear lord, why would you subject the poor Atari to bash? Surely mksh would be better!

@jba how did you make it? right now i'm failing with readline

@zwangseinweisung Hmm, nothing special. Just did:

./configure --enable-readline --disable-nls --enable-history

But I am using GCC 4.6.4 on FreeMiNT... As far as I know, the only readline I have installed is SpareMiNT/EasyMiNT's version.

@jba strange! it's the same setup i have on my firebee. right now i'm updating a lot of packages from

@zwangseinweisung I tried git from there, and it wasn't linked against cURL, meaning it couldn't use https transport. Haven't been back since. I don't know how broken other packages might be.

@jba the hole system is broken and no maintainer in sight :(

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