There literally isn't a responsive file manager left... Windows, macOS, the menagerie of Linux options... they're all laggy and terrible. I hate computers.

@jba I was literally just swearing at Caja (the file manager for MATE) for being significantly worse than Midnight Commander in that regard. Told it to move a 2 GB file to a NAS and the whole kit-and-caboodle just hung for about two minutes.

I've got 8 cores and 128 GB of RAM. Even a lazy programmer can spawn a thread and sit-and-spin...

@starbreaker @jba Oh, absolutely. It is STUPIDLY EASY to do this right these days, even just using system calls provided by POSIX.

@BrokeBrokeDev I know. The shell is responsive. Midnight Commander is responsive. Emacs dired is responsive. Ranger is responsive.

But I think @jba is talking about GUI file managers like Thunar and Nautilus, and those are harder to do right.

@jba I built an 8 core 4 channel ram server that made everything pretty snappy. Too bad it wasn't for me. Enough horsepower makes most file managers more responsive.

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