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Episode 55 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Listen in as I badmouth my email provider and Margaux lashes out at the help!

on the PC is a freaking mess. I was enjoying trying to support a game that works on and PC GEM, but it really isn't feasible. The PC tooling, especially the resource editor, is generations behind equivalents. Oh, and far pointers...

Episode 55 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Listen in as I badmouth my email provider and Margaux lashes out at the help!

Episode 54 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in as our heroes enjoy dinner in a tent with surprising chairs and I try to keep my voice down for the sake of my marriage!

The Sharp NetWalker at work (this thing:

It's slow as hell but it still run most ot software that I need.

I connected a tiny non-powered USB 2 hub to it (a 4-port TRUS thing) to connect both mouse and an USB ehernet adapter to the device. And it works (not exactly reliably but it works).

Made sure today that this nonsense game Worm also still builds for PC GEM. Success!

BTW my / PC GEM source is actually available online now:

It is comprised entirely of filthy, hacky C. Be kind...

Fixed some massive redraw issues with Worm for GEM (and PC-GEM, actually...). GEM redrawing is a freaking nightmare, but I actually ended up missing a pretty important point about "dirty rectangles" in the documentation.

I never would have guessed this old laptop would run 10 so well!

After upgrading to 9 from 8 on my laptop, I no longer have X11 working. Backing up now before wiping everything and switching to a more sensible OS.

I always want to like , but it always disappoints. I don't have the patience for this nonsense.

Spent a few minutes today fixing some weird GEM bugs in my old game "Worm." Had to update the About box too!

Episode 50 (yeah, I did this crap 50 times...) of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Listen in as our heroes violate dress codes!

I'm little upset that my 's USB adapter won't work with N.AES, so I guess I'll stick with ...

Recording episode 50 of the Jeff Reads His Book today! 50 damn episodes of terrible storytelling!

Episode 49 of the Jeff Reads His Book has been out for a few days now! Listen in for a chapter dedicated to half of an exceptionally dull road trip featuring scones!

is such a broken mess all the time... can't even build qemu with it... oh how I wish I chose Debian.

My thoughts on my new NetUSBee connected to an Atari TT030:

Summary: software related to the basic functionality of Atari computers freakin' stinks.

Brought the ol' Atari TT030 back up after a long time away. Building Bash 5.0 finally after an initial snafu. The configure script took about 9 hours...

Still have to send that email-like-it's-1999 message to acquaintances that "my email address has changed..." Eww...

One last account to move off my email address, but that'll require a phone call (super!). Still need to contact alumni associations, business associates, and close friends to let them know...

Today has been a hassle since realizing is dead. I was angry at this realization initially, now I'm just sad. I've learned to only use my own machines and domains for any contact info moving forward, though. Even SDF isn't safe...

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