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There is more sugar in one single can of Coke than in an entire 25 lb bag of salt. The kind of bugs which really bother me these days are not the kind of thing that will get fixed by updates. 😝

"Help, my networked document rendering system has mutated into a bloated application platform full of surveillance mechanisms?"

Issue closed, will not fix.

Cool. Great write-up. Good job FSF. Now if only IceCat ran on the same platforms as Safari, so that your article could have some relevance to the reader.

You carpet bagger! (stop) I'll give you what's more! (stop)

“Sometimes I retweet the @noagendaquotes if I like it…people take offense at it!” — @adam #noagenda 969

If I were to walk on water, the press would say I'm only doing it
because I can't swim.
-- Bob Stanfield

MRW you're at work and you suddenly think of the code you need to write for the project you're working on at home.

#noagenda 967
@adam: Both John and I have worked extensively in [Television]
@Johncdvorak: What do we got to show for it? Podcasting!

Linux: Generous programmers from around the world all join forces to help you shoot yourself in the foot for free. --from
Do not allow this language (Ada) in its present state to be used in
applications where reliability is critical, i.e., nuclear power stations,
cruise missiles, early warning systems, anti-ballistic missile defense
systems. The next rocket to go astray as a result of a programming language
error may not be an exploratory space rocket on a harmless trip to Venus:
It may be a nuclear warhead exploding over one of our cities. An unreliable
programming language generating unreliable programs constitutes a far
greater risk to our environment and to our society than unsafe cars, toxic
pesticides, or accidents at nuclear power stations.
-- C. A. R. Hoare

Well, it appears as though I need a firmware update... Something I can't do until I get an older CPU. Grr 😠

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My PC won't boot, and I'm having trouble tracing why. The screen does not come on, and the hard drive light flashes in quick sets of two. I've found no information in the motherboard manual, nor on Gigabyte's website. What could this be?

"video" at

“Ok, we’re gonna stop bottling beer [at the Budweiser plant], it’s water. Oh, did you tell the tasting room?” — @Johncdvorak #noagenda 960

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