I remember there used to be a sealion.club. What happened to them?

@starbreaker I mean, this (nokia.com/phones/en_int/nokia-) exists. Don't worry, the facebook and twitter icons are website links, not pre-installed apps.

@W10x12_UNO Great. Now that I saw this, I wasted time messing up my site for fall time.

@hntooter If only it worked for getting search results, it'd be a really cool thing.

@starbreaker Well, it's either OpenBSD or you're not getting through the door.

@blocknonip Is dillo the only safe browser anymore? Are there safe useable ones? Dis be crazy.

Oh fine! I'll watch that Stranger Things show that people keep talking about. See? I'm opening the Netflix right now. It's doing the red dots thing and then I'll figure out how to find Stranger Things. Happy?

@hjst I thought we had twelve years. Can someone get AOC on this?

@rolledgoats I don't care whether it's clean or not, just so long as it works! :)

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