Virtual CoCoFEST! On CoCoTALK!

Celebrating the TRS-80 Color Computer

Saturday April 18th @ 2:00 PM EDT

People interested in speaking or presenting have been directed to send an email message to or to communicate via the CoCo Discord service at

@tbn97 the @SDF VoIP / SIP server may not be working correctly at the moment. Otherwise, keep in mind your user name/id/number is the four digit extension that is assigned using the 'maint' command. Use the password that is issued with the SIP extension. The SDF SIP server is ''.

@apiziali have you tried running bboard from other hosts?

Have you tried backing up the bboard associated 'dot' files and trying a fresh run of bboard?

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not bad for a first show @viktormadarasz !! Great job! Looking forward to listening to your next show! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Straight from Madrid, EspaΓ±a --- our new DJ/host @viktormadarasz is streaming now --- TSR - The Server Room on! Pls tune in:

Listeners can call in and ask questions! (wait until prompted by the DJ of course πŸ‘)

DID VOIP Line Open During the Show: +1 910 665 9191

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Pls follow our new DJ/host @viktormadarasz

He needs mastofriends! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Coming up on in 10 minutes is the debut of
THE SERVER ROOM! A call in 30 minute talk show to discuss activities
of servers and datacenters. Please listen and call (910)665-9191 to
join the conversation.

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Our new radio host, @viktormadarasz , will be livestreaming his show "TSR - The Server Room" in 23 minutes! Please tune in!

18:00-18:30 UTC/1:1:30PM EST


More info about the show:

To tune in:


I attended 14 and helped to man the table.

I have uploaded the bulk of my photos to my SDF User Image Gallery."

The @SDF Traveling AT&T 605 UNIX Terminal arrived safely in Chicago earlier this week. The exhibit will grace the upcoming "Vintage Computer Festival Midwest"

I agree @dokuja I often prefer to use this terminal over others in my collection.

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