MNT Reform laptop powered by 2x 100MHz VexRiscV/LiteX (running in open hardware MNT RKX-7 Kintex-7 FPGA module). Full HD eDP display, Ethernet, 1GB DDR3 (actually 2), SD card, SPI flash, USB host for keyboard and trackball

Hi Everyone:

I just learned that the server costs for this instance will (and I should say not unreasonably given its size) go up substantially to me.

Server costs going up 5X shortly. We are one of the larger tech instances on the fedi.

This is a labor of love for me & I'm very willing to do at a loss, and am very thankful for the 9 patreon donors we have.

But would likely need about 9 more to be at a sustainable loss for me.

Do pledge here if you can:

So. I've been here on mastodon for a few weeks now. If anybody is feeling generous, I'd like to know why you stay. How has the fediverse added to your life?

I'm looking for anecdotes over ideals. The promise of fedi is clear.
But does the fediverse make good on those ideals in the form of relatable human moments?

I have two: @Wintermute_BBS shared something that was highly relevant to my future creative ambitions. And @akkartik actually read my blog and found some typos, which felt good.

I like to leave a poll open for many days just to see the results, but I probably should've kept it at just 1 day. The highest-voted option was I requested an invite from @nafnlj, and got it.

Poll's over! Follow my new 8th fediverse account:

Also follow my PeerTube account which I've had since 2021-11-10:

I might still set up an 8.1st account...

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Sigh. Why do people keep doing this? Just drop the platform altogether.

This does concern me, though, for sites like Nitter, Invidious, and others that remove the privacy-invading tactics of the sites they target.

#facebook #meta #instagram #og #SocialMedia #privacy #advertizing

Use a cronjob to send a dialog to your desktop pc every morning, not only an email.

I might need to sign up for another Mastodon account, but I'll still keep this account on Starnix. Which of the three instances should I join?

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@yourtilde In other words, used to exist from 2017-2021 and now redirects to The domain is now used as an example in documentation, kind of like, but for the tilde you are on, it seems to me that is.

Back home from a rousing workout. 💯 Time to prep my protein shake as I listen to the archive of #GraySelections. :flan_headphones: #aNONradio #SDF

Sweating it up at the gym with DJ @iiogama' mix from Sunday. That Hi-NRG music is definitely getting the adrenaline going. :flan_strong: #BitsInStereo #aNONradio #SDF

RT from Beautiful Public Data (@BeautPublicData)

First post: Highway departments in almost every state had "photolog" programs, some dating back as early as 1961. Each year, specially tricked out vans would drive each mile of state road snapping photos to document the status of roadways. 🚐📸🛣

Original tweet :

No place is safe. Places can't be safe. Planets, counties, states, cities, towns, even your own yard.

People can be safe. Communities can be safe.

Because we keep each other safe.

@northernlights When I was listening to your show just now on , I thought you were starting to play this song Kélé, fila, saba, nani, norou...
but is was actually this
And now I think thee is even another one closer...

Gray Reflections is going live Thursday at 0:00 UTC and Wednesday 5:00 PM PDT/8:00 PM EDT.

Reflections on technology usage, life’s journey, and the chill beats in between. Featuring predominantly unsigned and independent artists.

Topic: What is your favorite thing about SDF?

#Google #Chrome is planning to drop #ManifestV2 in favor of #ManifestV3. This will make it harder to develop #adblock extensions such as #uBlockOrigin, unless you switch to #Firefox.

But Google did a trick. Their replacement still allows you to make Adblock extensions, but they won't work as well, subconsciously leading users to believe that they just don't work, and they get uninstalled. No thinking about trying an alternative like Firefox.

This is part of the plan to track everyone and put ads in front of their face, with no way to disable it. You will see the ads and you will like them.

Be thankful #Mozilla still exists and is keeping Firefox alive. Without them everyone will be using a Chromium-based browser, or Safari (but that's exclusive to Macs and iPhones, sorry).

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Gray Selections is going live Wednesday at 20:00 UTC/1:00 PM PDT/4:00 PM EDT.

Prerecorded chill beats for life’s journey. Featuring predominantly unsigned and independent artists.

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