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@jakob when i saw my dad indulging in pepes is when i knew society had become too online

My father showed me a femjak meme at the dinner table tonight and used it to complain about millennials not understanding housing prices. I didn't know how to respond.

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@jakob Not quite related, but the fact that Emacs still has an Athena version never gets old to me

I'd like to write about something, now that I have a little more time on my hands. What should it be about?

Four days in, Scrooge has called it quits, unimpressed with the early problems coming down to little more than parsing the problem input.

The later days may be more interesting, but I've decided my morning coffee breaks would be better spent on SICP, or reading papers for work.

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@wasamasa Sending a patch (for eyebrowse) for review via Mastodon because it's small enough and I want to know if it'd have any place upstream.

@@ -681 +681,2 @@ behaviour of `ranger`, a file manager."
- (eyebrowse-init)
+ (dolist (frame (frame-list))
+ (eyebrowse-init frame))

I'm using EXWM's "workspaces" exclusively for multi-head support, and eyebrowse for actual workspaces. `eyebrowse-mode' doesn't initialize all frames (heads).

Should I just keep this to my config?

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I have been officially proclaimed to be the biggest threat to the Common Lisp community right now.

Well, I guess it's sort of an #AchievementUnlocked

#Lisp #CommonLisp

School ends before the first this year, so perhaps I'll do Advent of Code. Does anyone want to do it with me? Maybe race implementations?

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Finally updating my Guix server setup for the interest of maintainability. Switching over to using "guix deploy" (instead of my ad-hoc setup of logging in and deploying manually)

Yes, considering I mentored @jakob on this a year and a half ago for GSoC you'd think I'd have done this sooner ;P

It worked though! It's delightful to use! Finally, a server fleet deployment system I like!

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It is illegal to boost this post 

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e = 65537

Hi, Fediverse. I've been busy, but I'm alive.

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Crypto papers are so notation-heavy that it feels like you're reading something that's been encrypted.

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When a lisper writes a wikipedia entry about something related with XML

The only string I could find to change.

The substitution is courtesy of my close friend from school. Yes, we're immature.

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