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Passed the element 3 exam tonight, but with the government being shut down and all that I'm anticipating that it'll be a while before the license upgrade actually goes through

Is an antenna upgrade for the UV-5R worth the cost?

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PSA: GZDoom, in many respects the leading Doom source port, has a very powerful scripting language called ZScript. It's what 100% of Mr. Friendly was written in. Marrub has documented Zscript extensively and it should be current as of the GZDoom version released just today:

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Another helpful emacs/elisp trick you might not know of:

Regular expressions are pretty helpful -- but they can be difficult to type and maintain in Elisp, since it requires a lot of escaping.

There's a simple and elegant solution, that's typical to a lisp-mindset: the "rx" macro -- here's an example:

(rx (or ".png" ".jpg" ".jpeg") eos)

turns into


Detains can be found under `C-h f rx RET`

#emacs #elisp #regex

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Hm, maybe I could get my general class license this break...

If not, I guess I could just run EchoLink through Wine

Can I validate my callsign through SvxLink? I've never used EchoLink before, but the 2-meter repeater of the club I'm considering joining is a node and it'd be pretty cool if I could tune in even when I'm off at uni

Fabien Sanglard's most recent book was waiting under the tree for me this morning, I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into that this break

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So I guess I'll be giving StumpWM a shot today to evaluate it as something to fall back to in the case that I run into any stability issues with EXWM, but seeing Quake running in Emacs was pretty satisfying

I don't see any reason 𝒏𝒐𝒕 to go with the latter, since this is exactly what I was looking for, but at the same time, maybe Common Lisp would be better than elisp for something like this?

The question now is, should I give StumpWM a chance as well, or should I cash my chips and spend the rest of the day configuring the hell out of EXWM?

After my first few minutes playing around with EXWM, I can confidently say that all of my preconceptions regarding obtrusiveness were unfounded. really does make a great window manager, and I dig the implementation of simulation keys

Tempted to give StumpWM a try at some point. As much as I appreciate how easy it is to reason about dwm's code, I think Lisp would be more pleasant to hack in than C. Also, there's #'define-remapped-keys

@calvin just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading "Win16 for Fun and (Probably No) Profit" this morning. I've been curious about applications development on older versions of Windows for some time now, and your distillation of the oddities in the Win16 API finally satisfied that curiosity

Hey @fraggle, the Cacowards this year mentioned that you were planning on bringing DWANGO back from the dead with Chocolate Doom's recent IPX support, is that true?

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