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You might know everything there is to know about generics in java, but you'll never be the "Java Man"

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if you like my endless posts about writing kernels and microcode offer me a job, thanks

I’m in Florida

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I'm doing a mix on Tilderadio, folks. Jump on and listen (

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'In Groundbreaking Decision, Feds Say Hacking DRM to Fix Your Electronics Is Legal'

"This decision by the Copyright Office will make it legal to bypass that software lock, but actually doing it is another matter altogether... The thing isβ€”as DRM becomes legal to crack, companies are committed to making it much harder to do so."

Sounds like, with this decision, DRM cracking is less of a legal issue, but will remain a technical issue and maybe become a sort of arms race

Decided on Fennel and LΓ–VE2D for this season's Lisp game jam, should be fun to learn a new dialect

Added up the credits requirement and decided that I will be applying into my university's mathematics major this Monday :] It seems that, unlike my primary major, they have no restrictions on how many students they accept

Seeing gas prices like $1.15 to a gallon in older media is just depressing to me now

Tonight's spot for meditation + reflection

SDF shirt finally came! They threw in some stickers, too, which I'm really looking forward to throwing on my laptop

Is the blue book still a decent learning resource for Smalltalk?

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This guy in front of me in lecture is writing Common Lisp I'm gonna poke him

The nurse at the flu clinic complemented my deltoids today

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