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Productive lunch break, I replaced newsboat with elfeed and wrote a few functions for manipulating 'erc-track-exclude

First couple days of configuring the hell out of ERC have been a blast, maybe when I get back to my dorm I'll give bitlbee another shot

Maybe emacs will replace mutt for me as well some day

Irssi's been my client of choice for ages, but I think I might give ERC a chance today just because I'm imagining elisp as being more pleasant to use than perl

Finally got around to setting up the X drivers for i965 on my laptop and now I can play Quake 3 at a decent framerate. I probably shouldn't be terribly surprised by the drastic jump in performance, but this is my first experience with IGT

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Moving in was actually pretty seamless, aside from barely being able to fall asleep last night. Had some dark roast coffee in the dining commons and planned out a running route for when I'm done with lectures today

Ham radio outlet sent me four (unsolicited) copies of the same catalog

Actually, I'm a little sad to be moving out

Voted! Well, on an absentee ballot, since I'm moving into my dorm tomorrow

Hacking together a hand-written lexer/parser for org-mode in Common Lisp

Uh, I guess so? Usually if I'm recommending that someone go to the emergency room, I don't specify which one

(I really wish GNU Radio wasn't written in Python 2.)

Ugh, never mind. This quickly turned into the task of figuring out what's wrong with my GNU Radio packages. I'll probably give an evaluation of the HackRF clone in the form of a blog post as soon as I get GQRX working in general

The HackRF clone is finally here, gonna test it out and report back if it works with GNU Radio + how it compares to my RTL-SDR

@chriszheng 刚开始看你的博客。我的中文不是很好,不过我会懂一点。看你的写作可能会帮助我提高。我觉得你的Emacs的文章很有意思!我现在用Atom订阅。

Might be a little biased since the first Lisp dialect I ever used was elisp

Everyone gives elisp a hard time but I don't think its warts are that significant

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