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Jeez. I thought the left-pad stuff was mostly a joke. I had to read a Node library today, and this was one of the dependencies.

That's it. That's the whole library.

There are few pieces of software that piss me off as much as the Windows SDK does.

idk what to tag this, just like, bad 

@haskal Poor guy was knifed over this shitty joke. Too fucking far.

idk what to tag this, just like, bad 

@haskal Every part of this is disgusting, but what makes me especially uncomfortable is that they found where he lives.

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I'm personally leaning toward waiting until DEF CON 30 since I'm due for a pretty significant pay increase next year

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I'm set on going at some point, but I'm deterred by this year being hybrid.

It'd be my first time, and I want the full "DEF CON experience," but I don't know what that entails, hence this poll. Also, I'm doing one or the other (not both).


@erkin I can smell this picture. Makes me very excited to do some homebrew of my own later this summer

@m455 Please tell him that he is a good boy for me. What an adorable pup, and what a beautiful meal you made for him :)

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Very new job, btw. The negative comments are in reference to what I was doing while I was in school.

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Old habits die hard? I didn't feel any sort of pressure to keep working several hours past COB. I just did.

I need to get used to this whole "my employer actually cares if I am taking care of myself" thing.

Live is down. I tried twice; both times I was disconnected from RTMP < 10 mins in, and now there's no evidence of the stream ever being on Peertube.

Calling it quits for now. Maybe I'll revisit this stream idea in the future :(

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Tomorrow at 1800 EDT, I'm going to try out PeerTube's streaming feature. It probably won't compare to my hardware hacking streams, but if you'd like to see me learn some Rust ECS libraries:

@AbbieNormal my experiences with HP printers on Linux have been good. I'm sure you could find a refurbished one for not too much money.

The lifespan isn't much more than 10 years in my experience, at least not without maintenance.

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On this day in 1987 SDF received its first caller at 300 baud.

Happy 34 Years to SDF! 🎂

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