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@zge congratulations on the first patch, and thank you for improving Emacs!

@kadin yeah that was the impression I was getting. I checked into a net last night and was asked to repeat my name about three times >_< thank you for the suggestion

Is an antenna upgrade for the UV-5R worth the cost?

@kylegospo @SDF Agreed. While I think Pleroma is (significantly) better software, I don't see the benefits of hosting both. The two are very similar in scope don't forget your squats + oats

@zge I think I was a too naïve to think that there might be something better than "broadcast", so for the most part I put up with it the limitations and avoided making anything complex. But that is an interesting point, maybe I should go back to the things I made in Scratch and compare it to the things I've written in recent years

@zge this is bringing on some serious nostalgia; Scratch was how I got into programming as well, also circa 2009

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PSA: GZDoom, in many respects the leading Doom source port, has a very powerful scripting language called ZScript. It's what 100% of Mr. Friendly was written in. Marrub has documented Zscript extensively and it should be current as of the GZDoom version released just today:

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@zge mostly space and appearance. I might enable it at some point if I find a use for it, but right now I have global-visual-line-mode enabled, so I don't think I'd get much out of it

@zge nice :] Glad you got something about it, and I'm happy to see my name in someone else's config

@zge it's a little rough around the edges since I just started rewriting it last week, but you can find it here

Hm, maybe I could get my general class license this break...

@zge very nice config :] I recently redid mine in a similar literate style. I'll be sure to try out ivy

@zge I'm using ido right now, but don't have ido-everywhere enabled yet. I should look into that

@zge didn't know about the TeX input mode, that's a lot more convenient than C-x 8 RET and typing in "FIRST TRANSFINITE CARDINAL" or some other horribly verbose Unicode character name

If not, I guess I could just run EchoLink through Wine

Can I validate my callsign through SvxLink? I've never used EchoLink before, but the 2-meter repeater of the club I'm considering joining is a node and it'd be pretty cool if I could tune in even when I'm off at uni

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