@rocx bleh. Not surprised it was excessively damp

@rocx campus chow? I pity you, I'm still back at my parents' house with a usable kitchen

I don't usually take pictures of the things I cook because presentation is a definite culinary weak point for me, but I felt it was warranted for tonight's meal. Butterflied chicken stuffed with Brie, cranberries, and sauteed onions + garlic

Would anyone be interested in helping port DUCK to Python 3? It's a free toolchain for developing native Android applications sans Java. Might be up your alley if you're into compilers or playing with bytecode

@zge it might, but I got the idea from the article. Mentioned at the end of "The perks of Guix"

Perhaps I can read Eelco Dolstra's thesis in that time, too

Pierre Neidhardt's recent article on is tempting me to format my disks and install it, but I think I should resist the urge. Gentoo has yet to last a full year on either of my machines and I'd like my laptop to be in a working state when I return to University next week. Maybe I can play with it in a virtual machine and transfer the setup to a native installation with 'guix system disk-image' once spring break rolls around.


@eevee hopefully you enjoy it :] That's how I usually end up spending my birthdays

@artik ah, jeez. I'd absolutely hate having to go two months without access to a gym

@bamfic Whoa, a $59 SSB transceiver. Thanks for the link, I'll definitely be considering one of these kits

@artik that sucks. How long did it take you to find another gym?

@artik I've just recently gotten back to squatting 1x bodyweight as well. Two years ago I was squatting 2x bodyweight... don't take a year-long sabbatical from leg day, folks

@K7ATR Any hardware in particular that you'd recommend? Or should I just ask around on the local repeater to see if I can find anything secondhand?

@neverhurry This looks like a really fun way to learn CW, thanks for the link!

@bamfic Thanks! Good to know, now I can go bug some friends about letting me borrow their HF rigs

Gives me ample time to get my hands on some HF equipment, I guess

Passed the element 3 exam tonight, but with the government being shut down and all that I'm anticipating that it'll be a while before the license upgrade actually goes through

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