Getting to make dinner again is legitimately my favorite part of coming home. The university I attend has some of the best food in the country, but you just can't beat home cooking

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Starting off with games/ezquake - join for some frags

Hacking away in front of a warm fireplace is extremely cozy

Productive lunch break, I replaced newsboat with elfeed and wrote a few functions for manipulating 'erc-track-exclude

@rocx Still a pretty neat example of the kind of extensibility that elisp offers you

@rocx Love that docstring, do you get to use it often?

@luigithirty Are you planning on make it comparable to Common Lisp, or are you going to roll your own dialect?

@alexandria 不客气,我希望你生日很快乐。:)

First couple days of configuring the hell out of ERC have been a blast, maybe when I get back to my dorm I'll give bitlbee another shot

@tty Good to know! Showing everything in one stream is actually something I'd want, so I guess that's another reason to give it a try

Maybe emacs will replace mutt for me as well some day

Irssi's been my client of choice for ages, but I think I might give ERC a chance today just because I'm imagining elisp as being more pleasant to use than perl

Finally got around to setting up the X drivers for i965 on my laptop and now I can play Quake 3 at a decent framerate. I probably shouldn't be terribly surprised by the drastic jump in performance, but this is my first experience with IGT

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Man I"m lame, I've only been at uni for three days and I already want to go back home

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