@rocx you don't think it's an xinput bug? I've noticed that that my own mouse has been doing the same thing recently.

Staying up this late was something I used to do in high school, but my schedule right now involves waking up at 5:30

I'd imagine that for most people that isn't late, but I'm used to being in bed before 9

Just finished with the first of my GSoC proposal drafts and it's only... 12:40!?

Alright let's get some shit done, I have 45 minutes to kill

I thank my past self for getting into running

Subways were _horrible_ today. I definitely would've missed the commuter rail home if my mile time was any slower than it is right now.

@cwebber hey, it was real nice getting to meet you tonight! Just giving you a ping so you have my handle for that Western Mass free software group

@MutoShack why not? In my opinion, Emacs encourages users to poke into the source code of its Elisp packages, and I think that the source code of those video games makes for a good introduction to reading Elisp and learning the Emacs API's

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@rocx hopefully, P(W|S) = 1 where S is the event that I study my ass off

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@jakob Find P(W), where W is the event that you whoop probability's ass back.

Guess we'll see if I decide to participate or not

That jam looks fun, but that week is also the week right before finals...

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Ugh that was the hardest problem set I've gotten all semester. Probability is kicking my ass

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videos are up for three of the four #fennel conf talks: conf.fennel-lang.org/2019

due to an operator error (I neglected to hit record) the first talk did not make it; sorry!

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