Got back to campus three hours ago and I'm already aching to go back home

On PeerTube as of today. I'm hoping to get back into making videos more regularly, and I'm very excited about being able to share them on a free platform

@rocx I'd be interested in reading it. And defining 'false' makes sense to me, since I often see = FALSE 0= in C code

All I've done these past two days is eat, go to the gym, and study. That's probably what I'll be doing for the next two weeks, too

Whoo, just won an auction for an Acekard 2i. Can't wait until I have more time on my hands and can get into DS homebrew

@alexjgriffith @kaushalmodi I've just been storing images in the static folder. Don't see why large files would significantly impact build times. Whether or not to host elsewhere because of repo size depends on who your git hosting provider is and how large they allow a repo to be, I think

Updated geomyidae and gave my gopher site some attention tonight


@kaushalmodi Thanks for pointing that out, is "ox-hugo" still correct?

@kaushalmodi It's up for me right now. The server that site is running on is a little underpowered, so it's possible there was a flood of traffic from somewhere and it hit the upper bound on serving out requests

@technomancy Thanks for the suggestion, just posted it. I'm starting to wish that I was a little more active in the forum (and IRC) during the jam

Gah, took some elbow grease, but I finally scrubbed the smell of crustacean from my claws

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