@lunch sometimes things in math just don't really have an intuitive explanation, unfortunately. You just gotta prove it and use it.

@lthms Yeah, susprisingly Google maintains some software written in Common Lisp. Google Flights used to be ITA (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITA_Soft). One of the project managers was a student of mine when I worked as a drum instructor, so I know a little bit about it.

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I must admit it's been funny seeing all the security spam from companies who just repost stuff about new CVEs

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`syntax-parse' parses!

I guess that doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Alright, I think I'm finally happy with how I've set up my Pinebook.

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writing go is like trying to have a philosophical discussion in toki pona

@haskal the purest form of love is the one that skirts intellectual property laws

me, an infosec enby 

@haskal I had a feeling something was off when he said that lmao. That's concerning.

me, an infosec enby 

@haskal is it a potential supply-chain backdoor? I was half-joking; I at least know that it has something to do with containers

Is Kubernetes a weapon or something? I still don't know what it is, but someone at work today mentioned "putting Kubernetes in an F-16".

weird pulseaudio shit 

@cwebber @technomancy ix.io/2qEt
The 'A' in "ALSA" stands for "arcane".

weird pulseaudio shit 

@cwebber @technomancy that should be fixable with a proper asoundrc. I can drop mine when I get back to my machine.

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@wasamasa That's what I was worried about. I'm hoping they got my JID by crawling and that this isn't a targeted campaign.


I don't deal with CC data, for anyone wondering.

So uh... has anyone else been getting flooded with Jabber spam recently?

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