I'm going to be a happy man when this comes out of the oven.

Really digging this DIY textbook look. They contracted out to a local printing company for the textbook this half of the semester.

Hey, what about that new federated microblogging platform? What was it called again?

This came in the mail a few days ago, but I'm just now getting around to reading it. (And posting about it.)

Hell yeah! Installed GuixSD to my laptop. Just in time for some off-the-grid hacking.

Homemade paneer! Is this going to be my gateway drug into cheesemaking?

Sigil spoilers. 

Well, (initial) remote deployment is working, and it isn't even time for lunch yet. I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot done today.

Sadly, that was because I needed to load nonfree firmware for this machine to work. :((((

Feeling like an absolute H A C K E R M A N after creating and booting into a GuixSD disk image with a custom kernel

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