Jeez. I thought the left-pad stuff was mostly a joke. I had to read a Node library today, and this was one of the dependencies.

That's it. That's the whole library.

The gift I got yesterday that I was really happy about was from my dad. A copy of Donald Knuth's TAOCP, which he pointed out was slightly opened. I was told to look inside.

Thank you, mom and dad. I love you.

The only string I could find to change.

The substitution is courtesy of my close friend from school. Yes, we're immature.

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Photo of myself; could be considered suggestive. 

I spilled coffee on myself and thought I was going to be able to make a Saxton Hale joke about the shape of the burn, but looking at it now, it really doesn't look like Australia at all. What a shame.

I'll be streaming again tomorrow, August 7th, from 1900-2100 EDT.

I have a BLE dongle now, so we'll spend the entire two hours reversing the OTA upgrade mechanism and trying to load our own firmware.

Massachusetts signed a bill earlier this month to allow anyone to vote by mail, and they've just sent these out to registered voters to make it easier. Great work from Baker & friends. I wish this would catch on elsewhere.

Alright, I think I'm finally happy with how I've set up my Pinebook.

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