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Once again, thanks to everyone who tuned in!

We didn't get all that much done. Some time was spent fruitlessly trying to verify that the firmware we got from Aliyun was the same firmware on the watch (but the GATT service associated with flashing firmware just spits out "OTA" if you try to read from it).

We now know how to encode an OTA update, and which service to send it to, so next time, we'll see if flashing the firmware we got from Aliyun bricks the thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It will probably be the last of these streams. Two sequels is enough, and I'm planning to do some extensive reversing ahead of time for the next installment.

Recording will make it to PeerTube... Eventually...

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@publius It will be a continuation of a stream I did last week, where I attempted to reverse engineer a cheap (~$11) "smart" watch.

Last time, I found that it has an Over-the-Air update mechanism, and that the Aliyun API keys were easy to obtain, so it will be some Bluetooth Low Energy hackery and some firmware reverse engineering by someone who has no experience with it.

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