@jakob buuuuuuuut, I'm no lawyer, but, when you publish a Clojure application, you're not distributing a copy of Clojure
you're either referencing it in the source code of the application (this is a separate module) or you're compiling it into a java class (this is no longer te source code of Clojure) so, as long as you didn't patch the clojure version, I don't think a Clojure application is derivative work, and thus, is not subject to the Eclipse license???

@jakob aaaah, ok, that's on the gpl side
I was thinking of software released as public domain, which wouldn't have any problem *shrug*

@efi yeah, public domain and more generally permissive licenses such as MIT/BSD/zlib won't have any issues linking to the Clojure stdlib.

I'm a staunch advocate of the copyleft ideology, however, so I prefer to license the software I develop myself under protective licenses.

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