@jakob really enjoyed this post; thanks for sharing. I have a bunch of questions but first of all I have to ask: what on earth was it like to have your dad teach you Emacs at age nine? (I have two kids age ten and twelve, and I've been teaching them TIC80 and love2d but sticking with more conventional editors so far)

@technomancy Haha, I knew someone would mention that. I wasn't technically apt enough at that age to have learned the typical CUA-style keyboard shortcuts, so learning it didn't feel foreign or unnatural in the way that it might for an experienced programmer being introduced to Emacs. I was mostly writing HTML by hand at the time, and I remember being able to use the menu bar to insert tags. It was a nice experience.

I should find my old laptop and see if I can pull the config off of it.


@technomancy I think you're doing the right thing by sticking to conventional editors for right now. My situation probably made more sense for the time -- I'm not sure of any other accessible options that existed when I was nine years old.

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