@jakob Very cool, thanks! I think the Janet parts need correction though, the Fennel link goes to a Racket website.


@wasamasa Good catch! Should be fixed now.

@jakob Actually, there's one more such Fennel link in the preceding Hy section.

@wasamasa I think I need to give my links a quick look over. Seems I was a bit haphazard with org-insert-link.

Thanks for pointing that out, too. I've fixed it.

@wasamasa I think that's the rest of it, aside from the Kalibera et al. citation lacking a link. Do you mind if I thank you for your corrections at the end of the article?

@jakob Sure, go ahead. I'm kind of sad figuring out the linked bug report for CHICKEN is beyond my current expertise level. All I've found so far is that the bug goes away if you replace the reduce call with foldl from (chicken base), but that just sweeps the bug under the carpet.

@wasamasa Ah, that's right, I almost forgot that you contribute to CHICKEN.

Admittedly, I should have been using CHICKEN's fold in the first place since it's in SRFI-1 and I already had that imported. But, better to not let a compiler bug go under the radar.

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