Migrated the next batch of my old Github repositories to this morning. Four left to go!

@jakob Interesting to see people doing this, but I certainly wouldn't. This service is not even going to get 99% uptime.

@feld I'm only hosting a few low-traffic personal projects, so a potential sub-99% uptime isn't a deal-breaker for me

@jakob big flags for me in a 30 second review

- .ht / Haitian registrar. Expect this to be poorly managed.
- Only two NS servers, both in the same AS. Easy DoS target.

@feld Again, I'm not using the service because I expect high availability; in a few of Drew's blog posts he's explained that "outages are okay - so long as when service is restored, everything is still there." But those are some interesting (and concerning) points

@jakob yeah, i'd like to know more about the backup strategy etc because issues etc are not part of the git repo, so those are independent of any data you'd have a copy of in your local clones
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