@SDF I think Mastodon covers the need, but a Pixelfed server would be very cool!


@kylegospo @SDF Agreed. While I think Pleroma is (significantly) better software, I don't see the benefits of hosting both. The two are very similar in scope

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@jakob @SDF @kylegospo Is there substantial user demands for the benefits Pleroma provides? Are you strapped for resources and want to squeeze every last bit of efficiency out of the hardware you already have? If neither of these constraints applies to you, then you probably do not want to host Pleroma. That being said, if someone wants to self host and they ask me which of the two they should go with, I will easily say Pleroma simply because it's /much/ easier to get setup and there are far less gotchas from weird shit compared to Mastodon (or god forbid Misskey)
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