Wine's improved a lot since I last used it, I'm getting performance in Deus Ex that's levels beyond what I was getting for my last playthrough. Maybe I should finally finish the game

@jakob I only ever use Wine to run SubStation Alpha, when I'm playing anime LaserDiscs, so I have no useful comment.

@publius Whoa, Wine works well with your LaserDisc hardware? Good to know, I would've thought that Windows API's for that would be different enough to cause issues

@jakob There’s no interface as such between the LD player & the computer, in this application. Wine runs the SSA program. I then run the VGA output to an overlay generator which mixes it with the LD video. It’s possible with some LD player models to send commands via RS-232, but I don’t ordinarily do that when genlocking.

@publius Ah, interesting! Still, sounds like Wine is working well for your purposes

Yup. Wine has improved a lot. I just finished Max Payne with 0 issues. I was planning to start Deus Ex in couple of weeks.
And I use Debian stable so I guess I'm not using a bleeding edge version of Wine as well.

@tty I'm actually on an older release, too. The latest stable version of app-emulation/wine-vanilla in the Gentoo repos is 3.03. But that's good to know that Max Payne works well with Wine, that's another game I've been meaning to replay

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