The HackRF clone is finally here, gonna test it out and report back if it works with GNU Radio + how it compares to my RTL-SDR

@manu $170, which is why I'm especially skeptical about it working. But if it does work, that'd be great news for the SDR community; I usually see the original HackRF going for much more than that. Just waiting on GQRX to upgrade since it's throwing a fit about the version of QT I have installed right now

@jakob can it also transmit? That'd be great for a beginner station!

@manu The HackRF is supposed to be able to. And yeah, definitely, that's actually the main reason I got it. I'll need to get a more permitting ham radio license than what I have right now, but in the future I'm hoping to use it for HF transmitting among other things

@jakob That's cool - please post how it does when you get things working.

I got a HackRF and generally I like it except for two things: it's half-duplex, and the ADC is pretty low for a SDR.

If I could solve the duplex issue with a similar clone, that would be great.

@paladin1 This one uses essentially the same components and layout as the original, so it's still half-duplex, sadly. I think you'd have to spend a little bit more and get a BladeRF if you're looking for full-duplex in a similar price range to the HackRF

@paladin1 Oh wait, maybe I misunderstood. Were you thinking of pairing your HackRF with a second one to get full-duplex?

@jakob Yes,the pairing.

No reason to waste hardware that works.

@paladin1 Very true, especially something on the pricier side like a HackRF

@paladin1 Tested it out today with LuaRadio (I eventually just gave up on trying to get GQRX to work..) and it works great! I was able to RX some local WBFM broadcasts, and TX to jam them

@paladin1 I guess I can't guarantee that _all_ of the HackRF clones out on Ebay will work, but we at least have an anecdote from me that there are functional clones out there

@jakob Well the typical 'buyer beware' is a good thing of course. But glad to know we have options!

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