There is a request floating around to copy and repost a tweet/toot on where to get help for people contemplating .

Be aware that the phone numbers mentioned therein are connected to organizations that will probably base their support on ideas.

If you are , or similar and need help, but don't want to hear "Jesus loves you" then have a look here:

The number to call if you live in Germany is 0800 116123

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@jack The US number is secular; it’s run by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, in tandem with other orgs. Known as the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

@northernlights @jack I looked up the UK number as well; it’s The Samaritans, which is a really good organization that’s helped a lot of people. It’s named after “the Good Samaritan” just as a figure of speech and is a secular organization.

@northernlights Founded by an anglican priest, its first 2office" being the crypt of a church.

Sorry - they might do good, but they aren't secular.

@jack It was founded by a vicar, originally, yes, but it is not a religious organization, and you certainly aren't going to hear anything about "Jesus loves you." I know people who've availed themselves.

@northernlights It probably depends who's on the line - and that is exactly the problem.

And btw, I never said that those were religious organizations, but that "their support will probably be based on religious ideas".

That is an important difference.

@northernlights As you said, the it is funded by the government,. Now, the United states like to refer to themselves as a secular country. But they hardly are.

@jack I'm sorry, but I find quibbling about things like this to be a bit ghoulish. I'm glad you put out extra avenues of help, but I see no need to denigrate those already out there.

@northernlights Where did I denigrate anybody?

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but faith-based organizations often use personal crisis as an entry point to draw people who are desperate to their cause. (Which, coincidentally is exactly the topic of the Depeche Mode song I posted earlier on).

It is, first an foremost the duty of the *secular* state to help people in need, whatever that need may be - poverty, workplace safety, health including mental health.

@jack as a Christian, I appreciate this so much! Religious organizations that just throw “Jesus loves you” and completely disregarded trauma, pain, and many other very real things that affect people are sadly often harming more than helping

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