I wish I could buy an Arduino-compatible, FTDI-programmable board WITHOUT so many inputs. I always desolder the LED to save power, dremel the edges off to make them smaller/lighter, and remove any reset buttons and USB input anyway, and it's still always too big on account of the dozen+ I/O I'm not using. I wish I knew more about circuit design, it seems like an Arduino board with 2 inputs, power, ground, and FTDI at half the size of a MicroSIM would sell a billion units.

I love Adafruit Trinkets so much. My mentally ill jerk neighbor put up an Arlo camera facing my backyard to spy on my wife and I. For a few days I considered just taking over his WiFi and shutting it down, but then decided to build a fake "camera" of my own and point it right back at him. I used a black cardboard box, 4xAA batteries, a 5v Trinket, and a single RGB LED set to the exact same shade of blue Arlo uses. Within 24 hours he got the point and took his camera down.

One of the earliest sit-down based strikes occurred on this day in history, 1933, in Austin, Minnesota at a Hormel meat-packing plant. Employees were being forced to sign part of their wages over to the company for "insurance," and a few of the hog killers refused. Six hundred employees signed up to unionize in the days that followed, and over a long campaign won greater rights for themselves and laid the groundwork for the union movements that followed using tools like the sit-down strike.

Another similar project, an Adafruit Trinket 5v with a single Adafruit Neopixel Jewel. Nothing spells like the whole house rocking rainbow LEDs!

Adafruit Trinket (5v) with 4x Adafruit Neopixel RGB LEDs on a little lithium power source. Perfect for turning any room into a rainbow dance hall cheaply and quickly!

Rapid prototyping of an Adafruit ItsyBitsy32u4 running a BMP280 temp/hum/alt sensor, 4 tactile buttons, and 433MHz transmitter/receiver. At the other end of the USB is a Pi taking all the input over serial. It's ultimately the guts of a RF home automation and monitoring system.

Ubuntu Mate: what Linux Mint wishes it could be.

Me to client a year ago: "You have to quit giving everybody unlimited mailboxes, someday it'll blow up and cost you everything." Client today: "We're out of business in 60 days if we don't figure out a way to cut storage by 75%. Istoric, can you think of anything that might help?" Me: "I'm too busy for your shit, you're fired." I love contracting so much.

Got five hours of late morning/early afternoon tossing and turning sleep. That's the most rest I've gotten in a month. Now for 60 uninterrupted hours of coding!

Why don't more hip-hop artists work in odd time signatures? I wonder if it's because producers don't create odd time tracks. I'm producing a series in 5, 7, and 11-time. Now I just need an artist who can rock the beat when the beat's trying to fuck them up.

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You shouldn't declaw your cat. If you're worried they'll scratch your furniture, DON'T GET A CAT, rather than torturing one.


Up all night hating python. As always, gave up and just wrote what I needed in shell script instead.

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