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Iridium (unixjunkie)

I've recently discovered that watching surf the internet randomly is much more amusing than me attempting to do it out of sheer boredom.

Heh - LOL.. duff (the de-duplicator command line tool) on Mac OS X is installed (can be..) via 'brew install duff'.. Now I want to go to a bar named Moe's (Casey's will have to do however)..

I make myself sad reading everyone's A' reel moments in social media, wondering why noone wants to be involved in my life IRL, when I realize, That's why they call it the A' reel..

OK I still feel sad.. I'm no longer sure if I'm fake news or not.. ;-/

@Cat (OK there ARE still active groups there - Instructure's Canvas LMS group for one..)

@Cat Google Groups started when Google bought Deja's archive... Sadly now driven to obscurity, seems as active (almost as much) as Google+.. ( ) Because kitteh's like their REST a lot.. You're welcome ( created by Kevin Balicot ) ๐Ÿฑ

Did you hear about the guy that accidentally pooped his pants in the elevator?
He's taking his shit to a whole new level.

AWS - LOL getting kind of worried they forgot to start charging me yet.. The free tier seems to be the gift that keeps givin' "for personal use" ๐Ÿ˜Ž

via @ger_melis @nixcraft
Show in real time the remote IPs on a web server

@smj Wishing you safe travels through spacetime!

@markov Well that was just something cheeky I found via google image search - no pauyload - but thank you for the advice - Cheers :-)

Filter bubbles in social media, search, even in choices ppl make in their cable television viewing are creating subcultures that quite literally don't see eye to eye, not even the same sets of news and info's - we. are. divided. Well on our way to being conquered

@live Well if you're gonna - best to go with Mayonnaise or Honey.. Pass on the sriracha and tobasco..

Sorry I replaced your pepper-spray with silly-string, but you gotta admit the surprised look on that mugger's face was priceless...