A 2022 update. Chins up, plan a good life, check lists.

Please share with your Qanon stan friends.. They ain't paranoid enough yet. There still be some veins on their twitchy eye that they haven't popped yet 🙃


This is available online from DEF CON. Please consider showing some love? I feel obliged to share this, yes, but I also named my price for the album. It has another cool song on it by the same artist. You can stream them all for free but I still love having the ol' digital downloads, and plus if it helps now a days and you can, well drop a dime (10 spot) if you can ;-)


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"1's" and "0's" in the meanest way..

I've recently discovered that watching makeinternetnoise.com/index.ht surf the internet randomly is much more amusing than me attempting to do it out of sheer boredom.

Heh - LOL.. duff (the de-duplicator command line tool) on Mac OS X is installed (can be..) via 'brew install duff'.. Now I want to go to a bar named Moe's (Casey's will have to do however)..

I make myself sad reading everyone's A' reel moments in social media, wondering why noone wants to be involved in my life IRL, when I realize, That's why they call it the A' reel..

OK I still feel sad.. I'm no longer sure if I'm fake news or not.. ;-/

cataas.com/#/ Because kitteh's like their REST a lot.. You're welcome ( created by Kevin Balicot ) 🐱

Did you hear about the guy that accidentally pooped his pants in the elevator?
He's taking his shit to a whole new level.

AWS - LOL getting kind of worried they forgot to start charging me yet.. The free tier seems to be the gift that keeps givin' "for personal use" 😎

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