I swear, the Playstation load screen music is designed to induce murder.

@jba Thanks! It's my 9th year so I have it down to a science. Which explains all the beakers and erlymer flasks on my table.

Hit over 46K words for by getting to write about Santa's office. He has a lot of Byzantine art.

I went looking for an old Nathan Drake video I took but I found this one instead. Jacob is such a dangerous influence.

Sabrina: He’s been possessed by a demon named Apophis.
Teal’c: He is a false god.
Sabrina: Okay then.
Teal’c: I will kill him. *Grabs staff weapon*

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Every time they talked about Apophis in the new I kept picturing Teal'c running through ready to kill him.

@ruth Thanks. I'll have to remember that. I'm awful at hashtags.

For the Dragon Age crowd, I'm also IntrovertedWife at AO3, writer of the Cullen & Lana or Reiss & Alistair series.

@ruth I'm glad. Gonna take awhile to get used to all the buttons. Doesn't help that I have brussels sprout smoke in my eye. Which really needed to be in an old crooner song.

Hi, it's my first time poking things here so I'll see what happens.

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