Thankfully Oracle knows what's up and has some good advice to offer for designers

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I tried to submit a report about this issue to Substack but, uh

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Me: can we stop and get Lord of the Rings?
Mom: we have Lord of the Rings at home
Lord of the Rings at home:

Got to make my not-exactly-famous avgolemono last night for the first time in quite a while. I always think of it as a more complicated recipe than it really is. (The most time-consuming part is cooking the chicken and I can always just buy a rotisserie chicken if I’m hurried and/or lazy.)

Before it ends, a happy Superb Owl Sunday to all.

Not sure where this came from but I'm looking forward to my letter from Hogwarts

When your marketing department forgets to update its messaging for 2020

Maybe TP would be easier to find if these bears weren't using all the Charmin to wipe up a goddamn lake

At least with the breadlines in the USSR the bread was free if you made it to the front.

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