Boost for visibility, plz

To anyone interested in self-hosting a , , , or other instance:

I own the domain <> and will freely delegate a subdomain thereof to anyone who plans to use it for hosting a fedi instance. Mail me at if interested.

One per person; no obviously confusing names e.g. "mx" or "www"; no support given beyond setting NS records. Other conditions may apply but I haven't thought of them yet.


Revising this: if you prefer I will create A, AAAA, CNAME, or DNAME records myself for your ⟨⟩ subdomain rather than NS. (I'm not sure why anyone would prefer that but I also don’t see a downside of offering it.) No MX or other records, if you want those then please take the full NS delegation.

Again, boost for visibility, I’m hoping this can be a useful if small service for aspiring self-hosts.

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