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My personal Unix scripting philosophy: Do one thing and do it poorly.


I've fallen down a gemini:// rabbit hole (and to a lesser extent gopher://) and I can't get out.

Occasionally, I’ll come across a site that’s design is so clear and concise it causes me to pause and admire. This is one such site:

It looks great on mobile and desktop and shows all the information I would need to navigate and consume quickly. Good job, Neil.

If you really want to go underground, try running an obsolete protocol over the onion network.

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A man is ice fishing when he hears a booming voice as from the heavens itself, saying "Their are no fish here."
He ignores it. A few minutes later he hears it again "there are no fish here!"
So he says "who are you?" The voice says "I'm the ice hockey rink announcer." 😃

I’ve recently been trying non-alcoholic beers and so far Heineken’s non-alcoholic beer is one of the best. If you like regular Heineken, then you would like this one.

I found a store near me that stocks a good selection of craft non-alcoholic beer, so that’s exciting.

Something’s come up and I’m unable to stream Dally Rhythms for today. It’ll be an archived show playing.

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I think I can explain the difference between Twitter and Mastodon like this.

Me: I'm having a problem with Zoom on Linux

Twitter: Switch to a Mac!

Mastodon: Why are you using Zoom you capitalist bastard?

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Tracklist for today's Dally Rhythms:

Be sure to tune in now for FroggyMe's Fantastic Fantasy. It's fantastic!

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Any know of a good way to handle callers? Im thinking of doing a call in show (like old school talk radio) but have no clue how to make that happen.

We’re getting some rain for the next week! Wish it was more, but it’s better than nothing.

About an hour until today’s Dally Rhythms and I’m actually ready!


Heh heh, it sounds like Rupaul

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