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Advice to anyone on Mastodon who's new.

Let me say this if you are on here because you think you're going to somehow convince your friends to migrate here or you think you will be an influencer like over there, I got news for you, prepare to be disappointed.

If you're willing to have patience though, try communicating with some of the people on the local and fed. timelines. Even the simplest thing like a compliment will mean a lot to someone and who knows you might make new friends.

This doesn’t encourage me to download the app. This just tells me that they should spend more time and energy on the page.

Alternative wording: “We don’t care about your user experience on our website.”

Working IT for a school district is like going home for the holidays and helping your grandma with her computer.....


@claudiom, bless the archives. Only way I catch anyone else’s shows.

@claudiom, maybe I’ll need to increase the bpm on future mixes for some high intensity workouts 🤓

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dj snowdusk is now online playing Welcome to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Live Mix by snowdusk!! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

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Migrated one of my old sites from WordPress to Hugo and found an awesome retro theme, obsoleet.com/

We’re making some hot eggplant sandwiches with buffalo cauliflower as a side. It’s all smelling and looking good! 🤞🏿

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@Atlas48, oh just ignore that passage, it was a mistranslation. I’m sure Jesus looooved rich people. /s

@adamd, your dinners always sound so scrumptious and I’m envious of your patio.

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I’m ready for Dally Rhythms! Join me in com in about an hour!

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