@norcalgeekdad, I used OpenDNS (opendns.com) to set up a filter for an after school program a few years ago. At the time, I found it to be cheap and easy to block the kids from accessing things they shouldn’t. I’m not sure if monitoring options are built into it.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to need to cancel Dally Rhythms today.

@roeboedog, Windows 9 doesn't exist because of backwards compatibility. There was some old software in the '90s that would check for the version of Windows by searching for the number beyond Windows (Windows 3* vs Windows 9*). My understanding is that Microsoft, in an attempt to be more backwards compatible, skipped Windows 9. That reasoning does not apply to the iPhones.

I understand why Windows 9 doesn't exist, but why was there no iPhone 9?

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I'm enjoying the tour through iPhone history with this video:


I'm reminded that the iPhone 5s was the best iPhone and also, how much I did not like "3d touch".

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Oh, hey, Bill Jolitz! He was a friend of my parents, actually. Dropped out of high school to work for NASA, back in the days before the US government stopped supporting mad science.

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Hello everyone! Join us on COM chat and/or tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on from 2300-2400 UTC 👾

Right now DJ @iiogama ‘s Dally Rhythms is streaming then me! 🙌 Tune in now!


Here's the playlist for today's Dally Rhythms:


Tune into anonradio.net right meow for some bangin' house beats from @snowdusk__ !

@avery, my interest is growing with using an older Palm device. I have a question that I hope you can answer though.

Do people who still use Palm devices still run older OSs to manage them? Or are there newer programs that allow an older Palm device to work with a newer OS?

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@pzmyers, there’s a lot of good, web-based RSS clients out there already, we don’t have to rely on Google.

And more!

RSS didn’t die with Google Reader, I still follow 350ish active blogs of awesome people.

@unimagine and I just left Ameoba Records after spending way more money than we should’ve, and now we’ve found ourselves at Almanac Brewery. We love the beer, and this is the first time we’ve visited this brewery.

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@unimagine and my day trip into the Bay Area today is starting strong. If you’re in Berkeley, you have to eat at the Butcher’s Son. It’s just so good.

@claudiom, ah gotcha. Yeah, I need to set MDT up, but I'll be waiting for about 6 months before deploying it for users.

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