About an hour until today’s Dally Rhythms and I’m actually ready!

@cfenollosa, thanks for sharing this post. I’ve never heard of urbit before, it sounds really interesting.

@hardmous, never heard of Schism, looks interesting. What do these two offer over FL? (Only curious about people’s opinions on workflows)


Heh heh, it sounds like Rupaul

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You see two paths before you, both unmarked and seemingly identical. You've heard both paths lead to the same place in roughly the same amount of time—only the fact that you choose it makes one more important to you than the other.

Which path do you choose?

My dad is getting his first covid vaccine shot right now, super happy for him. My wife and I will be getting ours soon, but gee golly I’m feeling soooo antsy.

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I’m on a fierce search and research for various electronic music genres and subgenres.

It’s led me to things like extratone, minatory, and splittercore. Pray for me....

Bandcamp has a vinyl pressing service. My wallet is sad, but my record collection is getting excited.


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