Found this handsome fella this evening. We’re announcing it it various local social networks, but I’m kinda hoping nobody responds. He’s a good boy. (We’ll also check for embedded chips tomorrow).

I've started using and put all of my playlists from Dally Rhythms into it to see connections between them. I knew I repeated some songs between sets, but I didn't realize it was this many.

The dots are playlists and the lines mean that one of those dots shares a minimum of one song with the other. A dot by itself means that it's completely unique. I'm going to try to make more unique sets.

This picture is proof that Pokémon are real and you can’t convince me otherwise.


What the hell is this crap? How do they know I’m opening emails or not? Is it because I’m not clicking links in the newsletter? Why are they tracking that??? So fine! Remove me from the damn newsletter!

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