PSA for those who use Apple devices. Be sure to go through your device settings after updating to configure the new settings how you prefer, as well as disabling settings that Apple re-enabled with the update. It’s tedious, but worth it. I already see an improvement in my battery life with all the telemetry disabled.



I know I'm being insanely annoying, but how do you guys even put up with that nonsense?

Those yo-yos should be dragged out in front of the FTC and an antitrust court, like yesterday.

@RL_Dane, I agree with you, but I prefer this to the alternatives. A smartphone is useful for work, if it wasn’t than I wouldn’t have a phone or just use a feature phone.


I've flip-flopped between iOS and Android a few times.

I've found degoogled Android (#CalyxOS) has given me a pretty good freedom x utility product (i.e., not a ratio, because they're both positives).

The only thing that doesn't work for me is in-app purchases.

Credit card apps, bank apps, social apps (when I deign to use them, lol), all fine.


At the end of the day, you have to choose the best solution for you, so don't mind my griping 😆

I am rather concerned with the "slowly-boiled-frog" strategy that corporations like #Apple have employed over the past fifteen years.

This kind of stuff would've been pitchforks and torches territory twenty years ago. I really think the iphone has dumbed down society. (And I really loved the ones that I had.)

@RL_Dane @iiogama Are you talking about iOS 16? I'm surprised to see people even more cynical than I am, charging forward and installing the major point-0 upgrade without waiting for the inevitable follow-up bug fix releases. :-)

@mh @iiogama

Yeah, I was just griping in general how much Apple controls the devices that people plink down four figures for.

I understand people are trying to use what's best for them, but also frustrated that people let nonsense like this go on.

Computing devices are slowly turning into crappy cable boxes.

@RL_Dane @iiogama If you believe them, the usage data is all anonymized. You have to trust somebody eventually.

The app store lock-in is more frustrating, but I already use my phone too much with just the default apps and web browser. :-) I'm far more worried about the dark patterns in apps and services made by other less-trustworthy tech companies that have to sell my data to survive.

@mh @iiogama

The problem with anonymized data is that there are companies making big bucks DE-anonymizing with great success.
Data is easy to sift and correlate.

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