If anyone is looking to buy Palm stuff, I bought my m500 and accessories from www.palmdr.com and can highly recommend them. Everything I got was in pristine condition. The m500 came with the battery replaced, and the screen looked brand new (not a single scratch or anything).

Definitely a bit more expensive than most eBay listings, but still pretty cheap, definitely worth it for the guaranteed quality. Looks like everything also comes with a 3 month warranty.


@avery, my interest is growing with using an older Palm device. I have a question that I hope you can answer though.

Do people who still use Palm devices still run older OSs to manage them? Or are there newer programs that allow an older Palm device to work with a newer OS?

@iiogama A lot of people use J-Pilot, which is an open source program similar to the official Palm Desktop app. It lets you sync the 4 main Palm OS apps, and install third party apps on your device. It's compatible with Linux, and seems like it's still maintained (had some commits last year, which is pretty recent compared to the devices it supports!).

I'm not sure if people still use the official Palm desktop app, I wouldn't be surprised if it still works with Windows.

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