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This DuckDuckGo audit by @purism is a sobering read:

Remember that DuckDuckGo is venture capital-funded which means that they must exit—either become a publicly-traded multi-billion-dollar company (sell to the public) or sell to one of the incumbents.

(What we need is a publicly-funded but independently run search engine. The EU could create such a thing… if they didn’t have they heads firmly entrenched up Silicon Valley’s bumhole.)

HT @koherecoWatchdog

Here's the playlist for today's Dally Rhythms:

Only one substantial mishap with the new mapping!

Dally Rhythms will be live at 2200 UTC on I have a playlist of techno planned and I have a new mapping for my launchpad pro to test out. Let’s see if it messes me up!

I’ve noticed a handful of people who serve their Gemini or Gopher content from a subdomain. If you are someone who does this, how come? Why not serve the content from your main domain?

I’m not able to stream Dally Rhythms today. I’ll be back next weekend!

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @lubuntu - Lightweight version of Ubuntu, runs well even on older computers

🌟 @rnadness - Painter, mixes traditional techniques with psychedelic style

🌟 @codeberg - Non-profit git hosting service for FOSS projects

🌟 @Matomo - Free open analytics software, can be self-hosted

🌟 @Krita & @kritafoundation & @Krita_artists - FOSS painting software

🌟 @monarobot - Artist focused on Mayan aesthetic, worked on anime series Onyx Equinox

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Here's the playlist for today's Dally Rhythms:

Be sure to tune into aNONradio for Froggyme's Fantastic Fantasy

PSA: don’t compare the covid vaccines efficacy. I needed this to be explained to me and I’ve also had to explain it to others. This video does a great job breaking it down and needs to be shared.

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"The huge power consumption of #Bitcoin is good for the environment: it will push to develop renewable energy".

"Tobacco industry is good for human health: giving cancer pushes to find a cure".

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Being still relatively new to Mastodon, this is something I am genuinely curious about:

Do you have Mastodon accounts on multiple instances?
:mastodon: - :mastodon: :mastodon: - > :mastodon: :mastodon:

Here's the tracklist for today's Dally Rhythms:

be sure to tune in now to catch Froggyme's Fantastic Fantasy

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There's a lot of shilling for cryptoart isn't there. I legit just saw someone say "it's the most direct way to support artists without a middleman". Bro just paypal them money

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I always finding myself avoiding certain producers when I'm creating playlists for DJing. Typically any song by Deadmau5, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Wolfgang Gartner, Bassnectar, and other similar caliber people.
I think I do it because it feels a bit like cheating to play a song from a well-known and loved producers. It's probably a terrible practice, do any other dance DJs do this?

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