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Hey! I'm trying to see something, so please boost this!
If you're bilingual (*fluent* in two languages and speak both on a regular basis), please answer this poll!! (it's multiple choice)
*in the third option, I mean the level of someone who only speaks one language at a native speaker's level
**in the fourth option, I mean you feel as if you can't hold up to standards of a native speaker's level and it makes you feel out of place, eg. in groups of native speakers, at work etc.

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When you're aware of how tech is actually done, you go like


"Is this a jenga tower?"

Dally Rhythms is going live in 30 minutes (-ish). I’ll be available in com to chat!

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I've officially released my static HTML webpage using Jekyll and hosted by my email provider, Fastmail (for now).

Thanks to @hund @kev @chris @yarmo @mike for your own websites/blogs for inspiring me to take a few hours to get this setup and maybe start routinely blogging.

That said, I haven't blogged since my teenage angst years of Xanga/Live we'll see how this goes.

Anyways, here's a link to the first post:

I was thinking about making the most “come back” playlist for my return on aNONradio this Sunday.

I thought that 30+ days was enough time to create the best playlist anyone on this fediverse instance could come up with.

Despite all the beer in the tri-county area, those goals probably aren’t going to be met.

Judge for yourself this Sunday, November 22nd on at 22:00 UTC

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computer ownership discourse 

We forced computers upon people who didn't actually want them, and then some people get upset when those people refuse to learn more than the bare minimum to do very specific things.

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The new neighbors came over with a coffee gift tonight. They seem super nice, we’ll still need to see if they’re down with beer and techno.

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The new place is in complete disarray, but I have the turntables setup blasting some music and a good beer in hand. It’s a good evening after an exhausting last few days.

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Consider the following:

What does C in the C language stand for? Communism!

The C programming language does not enforce a notion of ownership.

Memory in a C program is collectively owned by the runtime (state) .

Brought to you by capitalist ferris

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pop radio stations: work escape weekend! call in and tell us about a time you went to the store and the item you needed was out of stock. *ads for credit unions*
me: is this marxism

ranting and venting 

- the truck that we were going to get at 1500 won’t be available until 1800, well after sundown
- we now have a truck available for us tomorrow at 0700

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ranting and venting 

Today is moving day! Let’s count the things that have made it more difficult:

- Uhaul rented my reserved truck to someone else
- The only other available truck in the area is available at 1500 in a town 30 minutes away, which will give us less than 3 hours of daylight
- There’s supposed to be some rain tonight
- I forgot some empty boxes at the new house and had to go get them (this one is totally on me)

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Emotional Support Canadians are available for those in the Fediverse from the US who need a patient ear.

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