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Starting today, I will start deleting my toots that are older than 6 months. I am using this tool, in case anyone else is looking for an automated toot deletion process.

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Today’s Dally Rhythms is new, but I won’t be in com. I’m driving across the state.

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I need:
- One of me to play with the kid all day
- One of me to pamper the partner all day
- One of me to code features all day
- One of me to do support all day
- One of me to do architecture and refactoring all day
- One of me to work on testing all day
- One of me to do requirements gathering, usecase discovery and backlog refinement all day
- One of me to do (dev)ops all day
- One of me to be Programmer at Large all day
- One of me to do outreach within the company all day
- At this point one of me to manage all of the mes I suppose
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What's your favorite formatting option for writing long posts in text editor a when writing stuff online?

(If you can, #boost this for a wider audience!)
#writing #textEditor #formatting

I recorded a show for today's Dally Rhythms (starting in 10 minutes!). I'll see you in com!

Starting today, I will start deleting my toots that are older than 6 months. I am using this tool, in case anyone else is looking for an automated toot deletion process.

TIL that Electronic Body Music has evolved into Techno Body Music. I think that means I’m old now….

Scratch that, I’m having some technical difficulties with some line noise that’s preventing me from going live. I’ll have to have something for you next week.

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Today’s Dally Rhythms will be live and I’ll be in com, if you wanna kick it. Join me in a little less than an hour.

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Xanadu: best soundtrack for worst movie.

Prove me wrong.


Seriously, bring it. Boosts encouraged.

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Later today, I anticipate doing one final Twitch stream, to announce on that platform my move to Toobnix LIVE!

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Welcome to FediVision 2021!
It is my pleasure to announce 22 entries in the following thread.

The songs will be presented in a random order with 10 minute gap.

To vote for your favorite song, mention this bot and write "vote XXXX" where XXXX is the code announced along with the song. If you vote multiple times, only the last vote will count. If you wish to retract your vote, write "delete vote".

Voting is already open and will continue until closing time: May 30th, 12:00 UTC


I’m having a vaccinated, mask-less weekend getaway with friends. We haven’t been together for over a year, and I’m super stoked.

I have a prerecorded mix scheduled for Dally Rhythms on Sunday, but I won’t be in com.

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Time for some food lessons for the homies: -If you can help it, NEVER buy milk, cheese, or meat from a grocery store. The animals are fed trash food which translates into what you then eat yourself. Find a farm or a market nearby which sells locally made dairy and meat. You’ll be able to visually see a difference in quality based on how much richer the color of the meat is, whereas walmart-brand ground beef will appear very “washed-out” in comparison. Actually, you’re better off avoiding grocery stores altogether if you can. -Teflon is shit and will leach into your food. Cast Iron is great, but it can be annoying if that’s all that you’ve got. I highly recommend copper cookware that’s tinned on the inside. It heats up quickly and distributes it well, but is much easier to clean and care for, on the condition that it may need to be re-tinned after a time. Services are available for this online, and it’s not hard to do yourself, either. -A basic pie crust is a 2 to 1 ratio of butter to flour by weight with some water splashed in for cohesion and it tastes better than whatever pre-packaged pie crust you can get at the store. -Stale bread can used for soup if cut up and boiled in just enough water (or even milk or beer if you want to try that) to cover it, then mixed with cheese, bits of meat and veggies, etc. There’s a great amount of variation that can be done here, so it doesn’t get boring. -It takes far longer than five years to bake six million batches of cookies, even if you have 15 ovens running 24/7, each baking a batch every hour

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I refuse to run Docker containers inside of Linux Containers so my options are…
- Install manually and make upgrading a pain in the ass
- Don't use the app

As much as I would *love* to use it, the reliance on Docker for managing 100% of the stack is a *hard* no. Figuring out how the image has changed between releases would make manual maintenance absolute hell and I am unwilling to shoulder that burden.

Not everyone is *able* to use Docker and not everyone is *willing* to use Docker. By not supporting any other deployment method, you are preventing some individuals from using what could be *the* application they've spent years looking for.

Let the admin decide how to architect their own systems. They know their backend better than you do.

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In preparation for moving off Twitch to the new Toobnix LIVE!, I have been moving my Patreon reward beverage dedication videos to the account I will be using for streaming. Follow me there in order to see future streams.

I was all “Noooo, it can’t be the cable. Display cables can’t limit the available resolution settings for a display. Display cables just connect input to output. That’s just silly.”

So anyone wanna guess what was causing the issue?


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