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There won’t be a Dally Rhythms today, but I’ll be back next week!

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TIL that Google doesn’t prompt for a 2FAC when disabling 2FAC, nor send a notification for it being disabled.

New Librem laptop doesn’t have a Qubes OS option. I’m a wee bit disappointed about that (not that I’m buying one or incapable of installing Qubes if I did).

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Tracklist for today's Dally Rhythms:

Had some rough transitions in this one, be sure to listen for them in the archive! 😅

I have a tech house playlist prepared for today’s Dally Rhythms. Join me on at 22:00 UTC.

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It's Friday night, and that means it's time for a stay-at-home dance party! Join us at one of the three streams. (I'll probably be following the purple stage more that the others, but they're all great.)

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Hello #Tilderadio and Internet radio fans ✋

Get the latest news, scoops, trivias and dramas about Tilderadio shows, DJs, upcoming events, or simply just exchange emails with DJs/hosts, listeners and other like-minded pplz (J/K about the dramas 🤪) by subscribing to our Tilderadio #mailinglist!


Send a blank email to:

radio-join AT

and on the subject line, type


that's it!

Let's make some noize! (ok, maybe not too much... good meaningful noize is OK 👌✨)

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from 01:00 - 02:00 UTC (9-10PM EDT)


.. a #live #DJ set by me, snowdusk!

Please tune in on


point your media player to:

Just a bit of a background:

"The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour" is a continuation of "The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix" which livestreamed on from August 2015 until this month. My Internet radio show has found a new home on , a #TILDE online community (shared #UNIX server) within the vast network of interconnected #TILDE servers called the #TILDEVERSE ( For more info simply click the links! 👍

On this show I mix classic and current electronic (mostly dance) music with occasional random babbling DJ talkovers 🤪🤪🤪 I was going to start the new show next weekend but WTH, let's JUST DO IT now! 🍪✨


Please spread the newz/boost 🙏 thank you, world! 🌎✨

For more information about the show and to check out my past live mixes, pls go to my homepage 🏴

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We were told to start coming into the office this week. It’s been three hours and I already miss working from home.

As a reader of blogs, I’m not really a fan of Medium and wish people wouldn’t use it. This article provides some insight into how Medium kinda sucks from a blogger’s point of view. It would seem that Medium was kinda cool at first, but has gone downhill like many other for-profit tech startups, and I’ve only known the shitty form of it.

Why do some sites offer both atom and rss feeds? I was under the impression that atom addressed shortcomings in rss, but some people are committed to rss, which suggests an either/or approach. If all clients can read both, why have the two options?

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