Wow, this person has made some AMAZING / art:


My favorites are attached.

@Angle Oh I missed the chmod 777 one, it's fantastic.

@Angle @icefox I really like all of them. Now I must a find a print2shirt service...

@Angle @icefox Oh my god i want all of these in large prints for my office

@Angle @icefox came for the ubuntu sun; stayed for the change permissions

If the Р, Я & И are from Cyrillic and Σ from Greek and all else from English I think so.

I think in Cyrillic you could write it as Пермишонс? But I'm not sure. I just learned a bit of Cyrillic to understand commie memes



@icefox @staticsafe That cron one is so damn gorgeous, I instantly printed it out and put it up on my wall at work

🤔 Keep forgetting it, but I suppose the best way for me to do any contributions to open source projects would be art assets.

@icefox I think I'm gonna have to print some of those <3

<predictable comment> oh hecc they really should make some Plan 9 themed ones </predictable comment>

@icefox Oh man, if they made an entire 52 card deck of the playing card style ones, that would be incredible. (Also, a lot of work.) They're taking requests, so maybe it will come to happen, though.

@icefox So awesome I couldn’t type like an adult anymore... 😕 but the art is great.

@icefox Fun: my first twinge on seeing “kill -9” was “is that portable?” but even POSIX:2001 apparently required 9 to be KILL for the shell utility.

@icefox woah, cool! I've been watching the Card Captor Sakura reboot so all I can think about now is Clow cards, but for computers 😅

@nepfag @icefox It's a wonder there aren't more free culture card games and even board games springing up with all the SJW bullshit happening in those communities.

@icefox really nice work! It's a pity that some others images in the repo are more of the basically-sexist-and-not-funny style ("I wish your legs are as open as the linux kernel")

@icefox those would make a great card game deck of some sort.

@icefox I'm irrationally annoyed that the sudo card is a penguin


sudo was made years before linux existed, and has been maintained by an OpenBSD developer for the last 20+ years

@icefox this is so cool, makes an old #Java dev want to learn #Rust, just so I can wear that hoodie with a straight face!

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