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'But there is also a loss of freedom which results from the unchecked competitive behaviour of other people. Just as auction prices are often set by people who overbid, social norms are often driven by people who care more than everyone else. Social media serves to make this effect worse, since you are continually exposed to the edited highlights of everyone else’s life.'


I occasionally want to make an IF where you play as the computer controlling a happy, prosperous society.

Your goal is to prevent Captain Kirk from blowing you up and throwing the people you care for into centuries of famine, starvation, and war.

...also, that feeling when $DAYJOB needs an off-site backup solution for a project and our walks in with a 15 year old SCSI tape drive.

I sympathize with him wanting to tinker with obsolete hardware, but seriously now.

...what IS it about distributed hash table + merkle dag projects (IPFS, DAT, ...) that makes people start off with "I'm going to write an abstract interface to describe storing spans of data via numeric index".

We HAVE that. It's called an ARRAY.

You think I'm joking? github.com/datrs/random-access

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@Azure @dasyatidprime Have either of you ever heard of posit numbers?


They seem an intriguing method of representing floating-point numbers that has some nice properties and seems simple enough to be efficiently implemented in hardware. Don't grok them fully yet but it's neat to even see an alternative.

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Wow, this person has made some AMAZING / art:


My favorites are attached.

I'm here to tell you right now, the Utwig wouldn't be SHIT without the Supox.

'90s rock: All of the drugs of '70s rock, with none of the inspiration.

Considering just switching full time to mastodon.sdf.org

The actually interesting people already mostly follow me here, and the low noise environment is nice.

also I'm looking at Z80 stuff for Reasons, and it seems Zilog last updated the manual in *2016*

apparently it's still making it into new designs someplace

GNU/Smug is dead, long live Pleroma/Smug!

As the GS side of things is shutting down, I will now be at @dokidoki and will not be returning to this account.

If you liked my posts on whatever grounds, follow me there.

>php pile of garbage

This Message Will Be Repeated 12 Stounds From Now
https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/194347 https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/1360978

A year or two ago someone was working on an emulator for Windows 3.1 apps/games? In the vein of Dosbox but for the 16bit Windows 3.1 API, without needing proprietary files from Microsoft.

Anyone in the know what im talking about? I wanna check back in on the project.