Mrs. IPX put her foot down about my buying a halberd. I can have one if I forego buying a vintage moped next year.

Which kinda bites, as I was planning to use the two together.

Maybe I can get away with a Scythian bow..?

uspol :| 

Man, it's really annoying that listening to the news nowadays turns me into Gul Dukat.

Fight not with monsters, etc.

Still considering going in to politics, basically for the reason that I don't want to.

9/11 stuff 

Let me emphasize that last bit: one event flipped a switch that told angry white people that it was OK to openly dump on anyone who wasn't white and Christian.

We privileged people need to continue to call out other privileged people for their unacceptable, un-American behavior. The non-privileged need all the help they can get.

When I hear "never forget," it's this lesson I have in mind to never forget.

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terrible linux joke 

instead of calling rhel, centos, etc ”fedora based” why don't we just classify them as ”same hat”

The feeling when you realize BGP, which runs connections between most(?) internet backbones, is basically secured only by handshake agreements between friendly neighbors and it's only now, after operating this way for like 40 years, that this is beginning to break down.

The *entire internet* operates this way. The connections between well-intentioned hunams can be incredibly resilient.

Meta, "righteous" dogpiling, gamergate tactics 

We have pretty effective tools for excluding people that we don't like, or consider threatening, or unwelcome. Use them.

But pressuring others to ostracise people, and then attacking them if they don't, crosses a line for me. I don't care how right you are or how just your cause. It's still abusive.

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I should really just use my SDF Mastodon account full time. It's much more relaxing than .

"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"


1) Star Control 2 - who DOESN'T want to adventure through space?
2) X-Com Apocalypse - strategy and base building goodness
3) Chrono Trigger - who DOESN'T want to adventure through time?
4) Master of Orion - If I ruled the universe, I would...
5) Subnautica - Life is an adventure!

I love how my credit card’s website asks me to give them my income to help them serve me better. How about you financial institutions serve me better by telling me how much you’re ripping me off.

Just a quick thanks to all of you who CW your politics. It really does help my mental health!

'But there is also a loss of freedom which results from the unchecked competitive behaviour of other people. Just as auction prices are often set by people who overbid, social norms are often driven by people who care more than everyone else. Social media serves to make this effect worse, since you are continually exposed to the edited highlights of everyone else’s life.'

...also, that feeling when $DAYJOB needs an off-site backup solution for a project and our walks in with a 15 year old SCSI tape drive.

I sympathize with him wanting to tinker with obsolete hardware, but seriously now.

...what IS it about distributed hash table + merkle dag projects (IPFS, DAT, ...) that makes people start off with "I'm going to write an abstract interface to describe storing spans of data via numeric index".

We HAVE that. It's called an ARRAY.

You think I'm joking?

job junk 

Well, I have a part time trial contracting THINGY, and an interview with a really cool company this week... So I guess it's officially Happening.

I sort of regret the fact that I hate my current workplace so... But upon consideration of all the things I'd miss, the answer is basically "the benefits". Have either of you ever heard of posit numbers?

They seem an intriguing method of representing floating-point numbers that has some nice properties and seems simple enough to be efficiently implemented in hardware. Don't grok them fully yet but it's neat to even see an alternative.

I'm here to tell you right now, the Utwig wouldn't be SHIT without the Supox.

'90s rock: All of the drugs of '70s rock, with none of the inspiration.

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