I was meant to disable facebook for a week but it's been over a month now. Kept messenger going but really don't miss the rest of it.

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@iamclaudiajayne I can not say I am suprised... I keep it up still mostly for Promotion/Marketing reasons but the reach I get through Facebook is closer to 0 each time.

@iamclaudiajayne the point is not using it, not deleting it. It doesn't matter anyway if you then move to the next platform like Instagram/Twitter/ClubHouse, in the end all those do the same dopamine reward system rewiring problem

@iamclaudiajayne I went that route (messenger) only until Spotify actively changed what I was listening to mid-stream when I mentioned that I liked certain music in messenger. They ARE spying on you and sharing it with each other.

@iamclaudiajayne It's difficult when contacts are involved...

I was this close to dumping WhatsApp but I've some contacts there that I need and will have to keep it at least till 2022.

@iamclaudiajayne I don't use facebook not tweeter, don't give up. Mastodon inside. I do use zoom dailly.

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