@SDF thank you :) Thought I'd finally check out what is happening here.

@iamclaudiajayne SDF instance has some great folks .. the wider fediverse can be a bit cowboy wild west though :)

@iamclaudiajayne Hi, welcome! I hope you have a fun time here.

Here's my interests and hashtags as my intro: mastodon.sdf.org/@joeo10/10423

You should so the same so people can find you.

@_Ashtar_Ventura hello back. I have questions about your use of nana over vim.

@_Ashtar_Ventura I kinda don't actually have questions. I was expecting a chuckle. :D

@iamclaudiajayne haha, yeah it's mostly what i prefer for editing text in terminal, like mail followed by CTRL+X exit, rather than :q! and risking accidentally hitting some wrong key and trapped in GITVIMO

@iamclaudiajayne see i accidentally put the ! which would mean exit without saving, nano CTRL+x would prompt for save, with `y` to save

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