I am reaching out to any Australians out there, please sign this petition to help save the lives of people in my ancestral homeland change.org/p/scott-morrison-sc

air sirens going off again in ... seriously it is time for to stop this madness. Already broke the cease fire. 2 days is all you had to wait. FML

Not gonna lie, feeling a bit over attacking ... hopefully this retarded war will end soon.

Azerbaijan and Turkey waging war on Armenia again.
My Azeri friends and I.... so this is awkward.... again.
Seriously though WTF.

I started watching Ancient Aliens for fun and now basically most things they mention, they do so in such a way that I find it all possible.

I had lost a lot of weight at the beginning of the year but I have gained it all and then some. I am back on keto now.

Setting up a new laptop with our monolithic environment is killing my life. I forgot how painful this was.

When someone merges their changes first and now you have to deal with the merge conflict. Sigh.

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