Setting up offsite backup with some old junk found in the office. Got Void Linux installed on the Mac Mini... getting the Broadcom Wi-Fi working was a pain (the reverse engineered driver did not work; I have tried 3 different blobs but it was not able to send packets out reliably).

I have finally installed my now OpenWrt based switch. I had to design and print some mounting brackets as it would not fit on the rack rails. Looks good, but not very space efficient.

I got my Netgear finally flashed with OpenWrt.

The OS image is not for the specific model I have. The port LEDs are not working. Also this model has Power-over-Ethernet and two addition extension ports, so I guess these won't work either.

But the main thing is that it gets IP from DHCP and I can SSH to it. So assuming it is switching packets, I am all good.

Next: Learn how to configure OpenWrt; see if I can get the LEDs and PoE working; help getting it officially supported.

My Netgear switch booted fine from TFTP. The OpenWrt image is for a lower model but the board is similar.

Note to self: Flush nftables on the PinePhone before setting up the TFTP server.

Next step: Check network and SSH access; if all good flash the OS.

Netgear says I can only log in 3 times to my new switch without registration... we will see about that 😊

Next step: TFTP boot OpenWrt

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